Pool inspectors: What they do and how you can find a Reliable One

pool inspectorsPool inspectors issue pool safety certificates to pool owners. Whether you like to hire one or not, you need them to obtain a pool safety certificate so you can continue using your pool, with the peace of mind knowing the pool fence is safe. Once you meet all the requirements needed, no complaints will be filed before the city councils, which means that you can enjoy your pools as much as you want without a worry.

If you are wondering what pool inspectors do and how can you find a reliable one, read on to find valuable information to guide you.


What do pool inspectors do?

First and foremost, pool inspectors inspect your pool area for compliance. They check if your barriers are secure enough to protect your pool area. If pool inspectors assess that your pool fence is not secure enough to keep the area enclosed from unattended children, they will issue a non-compliance notice. Besides the barriers, pool inspectors also check other aspects of your pool area to see if they keep your pool area safe and protected. If not, the pool inspectors will add the information to the report.


Another responsibility of pool inspectors is to issue a report summarising the inspection performed. If you fail the inspection, pool inspectors will give a report detailing all the things that have failed. You can then use the report to make improvements to your pool area. If you pass the assessment, you will then be issued a pool safety certificate, which means that you met all the standards required.


Pool inspectors will not release a pool safety certificate unless you comply with what the pool inspectors said in the report. You need to perform all the recommendations in the report so you can get your certificate the next time pool inspectors visit your pool area.


How do you find reliable pool inspectors?

Now that you know what pool inspectors do. Let’s get to the next part: how can we find reliable ones?


Well, there are a lot of pool inspectors out there. You have to establish a list of qualities you should look for so you can successfully find the right pool inspectors for your area.



The number one quality on your list should be the pool inspector’s experience. Not all pool inspectors are good at what they are doing. Yes, it’s just an inspection, but the result of it will reflect how safe your pool area is. What they look at here is the safety of your pool area. Are children going to be safe when they use the pool? Can anyone access the pool unattended? Are the barriers in place? What could other improvements be made? Only experienced pool inspectors can detail everything, from what’s perfect to what needs to be improved.



Combined with experience is trustworthiness. Remember that pool inspectors don’t just issue pool safety certificates for the sake of doing their job. Excellent and trustworthy pool inspectors inspect the area before they issue such an important document. If you want to know your pool area’s actual status, whether it’s safe or not, you have to look for reliable pool inspectors. Don’t forget that it’s not just about the certificate but the safety of your pool area for pool users as well.



Before you can choose a reliable one from all those pool inspectors, you need feedback from previous clients who have worked with your chosen pool inspector. It would help if you had reviews so you can compare which one does his job better. When you are looking for pool inspectors, don’t hesitate to ask them regarding their work history, website, and previous clients. If the pool inspector has a website, there may be reviews posted on the site.


As your work with an inspector, you will find relief, especially when you receive their report detailing how safe your pool is or not. With their assessment, you will know the following steps to make your pool safe for its users. You should be able to evaluate as well whether pool inspectors do their job or not. Contact Elite Pool Inspections to book and an inspection.


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