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    Why Should you Obtain a Pool Certificate and Use Our Service?

    Landlords, pool owners, body corporates, property buyers and sellers are among the entities affected in one way or another by the requirement to obtain Pool Safety Certificates issued by the Queensland Government. From 1st December 2010, anyone leasing or selling a property that has a pool, whether shared or private, is supposed to comply with the pool safety laws and regulations. The Australian Standard 1926 1 & 2 and QDC MP3.4 also emphasise the need for pool fencing and barriers to comply with the regulations.Elite Pool Inspections has been a strong and long-time advocate of maintaining compliant pool barriers in order to protect children who are the main victims in drowning cases. We have inspected different properties which have given us a wealth of experience on what is considered safe and how a pool barrier should be maintained to meet the pool safety standard.We have on several occasions arranged pool fence safety inspections for property owners before sale processes can begin. If you are a buyer and the property owner has sold you a property with a swimming pool or spa without a valid safety certificate, you have up to 90 days to get your pool compliant and obtain a Form 23 which is the Pool Safety Certificate.

    Why Contact Elite Pool Inspections

    If you are looking for a knowledgeable and experienced pool safety inspector in Queensland to help you facilitate your pool inspection and issuance of a certificate, then Elite Pool Inspections is the go-to company in Queensland.

    Clear and Easy to Understand Inspection Reports

    The format we use in generating our pool fence inspection reports is user-friendly, making our customers comfortable in interpreting. We accompany our reports with clear photos showing the specific areas if any that require rectification. In the event of defects, we list them separately and individually with a photo, location, and a short description of the defect as well as the section of the standard it violates.

    Free Checklist before Inspection

    From our experience, close to 90% of the properties do not pass their first safety inspection. To limit this and ensure our customers don’t incur unnecessary costs, we offer a free checklist on our site where you can download and make comparisons with the property to reduce or even eliminate the need for subsequent inspections.

    We are Licensed Pool Safety Inspectors

    Under the Building Act 1975, any individual performing pool safety inspections must be duly licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

    We Have Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity

    To guarantee and safeguard you against any act, omission or error that could occur when conducting our pool fencing inspection, we have $5 million professional indemnity cover. We also care for our customers and have $10 million public liability insurance in place to cover them against property damage or injuries occurred while carrying out our inspection.

    Competitive Pricing and Flexible Payment Methods

    Our main aim is to see your property compliant and as such we have affordable packages complete with flexible payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, and EFT. At Elite Pool Inspections, we want to help protect your family and property investments by making you fully compliant with all pool safety laws and regulations. 

    Contact us today using the contact form to the left on this page or ready to book use our book an inspection form on this page or call me on 0438 617 917.