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Pool certifiersPool certifiers have an essential job, and we are here to ensure your swimming pool is following the safety guidelines of Queensland and helping you always keep your friends and family safe!

Pool certifiers are essential for anyone who has a swimming pool, or other water bodies at their home that require certification to say that you are following the correct safety regulations.


The Importance of Pool Certifiers

As pool certifiers, we have seen first-hand the number of homes that do not have the right safety features in place and are putting people at risk every day, it’s our job to keep everyone safe and you out of trouble, and you can rest assured that we’ll never let you down.

For years, our pool certifiers have visited homes, apartments, and communal housing areas to carry out safety inspections, make recommendations, offer practical and valuable advice, and stop homeowners from receiving financial penalties from the local Queensland authorities.


Why Use Our Services

When you use our pool certifiers, you are guaranteed to receive the best service every time – we are highly qualified, knowledgeable, and passionate about the work we do.

Our pool certifiers care deeply about the job we do and are committed to keeping everyone safe. Put your trust in us, and you’ll get the most reputable pool certifiers in the area.


Who Needs Pool Certifiers?

Many people think they only need pool certifiers to come to their home if they have a large outdoor swimming pool, and don’t realise that the regulations of pool barriers extend beyond only these types of pools. You will need pool certifiers to come and carry out an inspection at your home if you have any of the following.


  • Any pool, tub, jacuzzi, spa, or anything similar that holds more than 300mm of water
  • If the pool or body of water has a filtration system
  • Has a volume capacity of 2000L or more
  • All indoor pools
  • All underground pools


It’s the Law!

Please do not get caught thinking you are exempt from pool safety requirements because you only have a spa, or the pool isn’t outside, all these types are also included, so call our pool certifiers to get your inspection. Just like everyone else, you’ll need to;


  • Obtain the relevant building approval if you didn’t do these already
  • Register the pool, tub, spa, etc., with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission
  • Have your pool, tub, spa, etc., inspected by a qualified and professional inspection company


What Benefits Do You Get with Our Pool Certifiers?

There may be other companies out there that do a similar job, but we are confident that we are the right choice for you. Our reputation is a testament to our dedication and hard work. We guarantee excellent customer service, hassle-free inspections, and professional, experienced staff. Amongst these benefits of using us, there are also the following advantages you will get below.


  • At the end of an inspection, you’ll receive your compliance certificate from us as long as you pass the inspection.
  • We offer great prices. Ours are affordable and competitive to make sure everyone can afford such an important service
  • You will never be at risk of receiving on the spot fines than can be thousands of dollars
  • Our pool inspection will prevent large fines and other serious trouble with the Queensland authorities
  • We have excellent attention to detail and will not overlook or miss any problems you may have
  • There is no better way to keep your whole family safe than with our pool certifiers
  • Our friendly service is not only for private homeowners, but we also work with landlords and estate agents
  • If you are selling your home, our pool inspection certificate will mean there are no delays in the sale process
  • We cover areas including the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Ipswich
  • Our company is not only incredibly experienced, but we are also fully licensed and insured
  • The inspection we offer is entirely hassle-free, we work around your schedule every time


Having pool certifiers come to your home isn’t optional, it’s mandatory to follow the rules, so if you are going to need to use such a service, you should choose the best company for your needs. We are proud of our work and are committed to keeping everyone, especially kids, out of harm’s way. The rules surrounding pool safety are not always easy to follow, so use our pool certifiers to check that you are doing your part at preventing accidents in Queensland


Pool certifiers QLDHave Complete Peace of Mind with Our Pool Certifiers

When it comes to having a swimming pool or water areas at your home, there are two main things you will worry about. Firstly, everyone’s safety at home or anyone who comes to visit – unfortunately, life-changing accidents happen from time to time, and you will no doubt be concerned that everyone is safe at all times.

Secondly, you might find yourself worrying about whether the safety barriers and features you have around your home at correct. After all, if they’re not, you can land yourself with a massive fine of thousands of dollars if you were ever part of a random safety inspection by someone from the Queensland local government.

However, with our pool certifiers, you can have peace of mind as our pool inspections will solve both of these issues. Our inspection service carried out by our pool certifiers will ensure that you have all the necessary, legal, and appropriate safety barriers in place.


Excellent Communication

We inform you of what needs changing if something does, and you will receive a safety inspection certificate once we are confident that you have everything you need.

Knowing that you have everything required to keep everyone as safe as possible can help you relax, and your certificate will prevent you from receiving any fines or penalties.


Contact Elite Pool Inspections

Our pool certifiers are essential to your home, your safety, and your legal responsibility, so give us a call today to book your pool inspection and receive a dedicated and high-quality service from our pool certifiers.


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