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Elite Pool Inspections is a leading pool barrier and fence inspection company in Queensland. If you have a spa or a swimming pool, the pool barrier and its access points ought to comply with the pool safety legislation in Queensland. Every year, the Queensland government requires that pool safety inspections be carried out and a certificate of compliance be issued for shared pools.  Non-shared pools must be compliant with pool safety legislation. 

Instead of putting your family or tenants' safety at risk, or risk incurring penalties by not complying with the pool regulations, Elite Pool Inspections gives you the opportunity to have your pool inspected by an expert to ensure you are not only on the right side of the law, but also have the peace of mind knowing your children are safe. 

As the pool owner, landlord, or body corporate, it is your responsibility and part of your legal requirement to ensure your pool area is safe and compliant with the Pool Safety Standard. Engaging a professional like us to make sure your pool or spa meets all compliance requirements can be reassuring. 

I'm a qualified and dedicated pool inspector with vast knowledge in all areas concerning pool fencing and barrier inspection. Having worked in the industry for a period of time, I understand fully all the pool fencing laws, regulations, and technical standards for pool barriers that govern pool safety in Queensland. 

As a fully trained and licensed pool inspector, I use the best tools (500N Push-Pull Analogue Force Gauge) to measure the correct amount of force to be applied to a barrier and gates (this is the only safe way to know if your barrier and gates can stand the force of a child pushing and pulling on the barrier and gates). Being the owner and manager at Elite Pool Inspections, you can be assured that the service you receive will be comprehensive, tailored to your needs, and professionally delivered. 

Why Choose Elite Pool Inspections

Are you a landlord, property buyer or seller, or body corporate looking for a reliable and knowledgeable pool inspection expert in Queensland? Well, Elite Pool Inspections is the company of choice. 

• Our inspection reports are compiled and sent within a very short time not exceeding 48 hours. 
• We are fully insured and licensed to inspect pools. 
• Our reports are easy to interpret and understand. 
• We have $5 million professional indemnity and $10 million public liability insurance.
• Competitive pricing and prompt service delivery.

Our Pool Safety and Compliance Inspections

At Elite Pool Inspections, we exist so that you can have peace of mind. With child pool drowning cases still being experienced in Queensland, you should steer clear of any non-compliance by ensuring that your property has a valid pool safety certificate. Our safety inspections include:

• Accurate and clear reporting 
• Compliance Certificate provided to the Owner and lodged with the Queensland Government within 48 hours
• Large photos detailing any citing non-conforming items
• Reminder letters sent to you 30 days before your Pool Safety Certificate expires. 
Take your first step in making your pool compliant today! 

In case you are not sure whether your pool fence or barrier is compliant, we have a pool fence checklist on our site for you to download. You can also send in your pool photos as well as the surrounding fences and we can give you professional advice on what is needed. 

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