Pool Safety Inspections in Brisbane



pool inspections in BrisbaneIf you are selling your property, homeowners must have their swimming pools assessed for safety compliance through pool safety inspections, in Brisbane and across the whole of Queensland there is one pool safety standard AS 1926 1 & 2 QDC MP 3.4. Pool compliance is not only a legal requirement but a humanitarian approach to ensure children are safe whenever they access and use swimming pools. Cases of children drowning or sustaining major immersion injuries are disheartening and if there is anything pool owners can do it is worth every effort. 







Legal Background to Pool safety Inspections in Brisbane



As early as 1991, long before the institution of regulations governing pool safety inspections in Brisbane, swimming pools were required to have a fence around them that was in compliance with the then amended Standard Building By-laws and the Local Government Act. This was necessary to tame the rising cases of children drowning and injuries resulting from access and use of swimming pools. 

In 2008, a comprehensive review touching on all existent Queensland pool safety laws was undertaken by the Queensland government through a review committee. It is this committee that recommended in its report that a pool safety standard be introduced and a pool safety council to be set up. This was the genesis of pool safety inspections in Brisbane.



The Classification of Swimming Pools to be inspected



The regulation covers the following types of swimming pools and requires that they undergo the inspection to assess their compliance with the safety standard. 

• Indoor pools 
• Outdoor pools
• Pools existing prior to the enactment of the pool safety laws
• New pools that were built after 1st December 2010

Before pools associated with hotels, hostels, motels, backpacker accommodation, boarding houses, and accommodation for the aged were not included under the inspection list, but under the current laws, they have to undergo thorough assessment in Queensland done by licensed professionals.



Why a Pool safety Inspection is Important 



Pool safety inspections in Brisbane are very critical particularly to property owners who want to enter into contractual agreements with buyers, tenants, or accommodation agreement. The law requires that these owners must provide a pool safety certificate during the transaction process or avail a no compliance document to the other party. 

Pools owners whose pools are not compliant with the pool safety standard are liable to fines by the local government. This is irrespective of whether the pool is owned by an individual or a body corporate. 



Compliance Areas

Pool inspections in Brisbane


Whether you own a shared or non-shared pool, it is your responsibility to ensure your pool undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure it doesn’t violate the safety standard and laws. The following are some of the areas pool safety inspections in Brisbane focus on as part of the compliance assessment.



Neighbouring vegetation including tree branches – The pool owner should ensure a non-climbable zone exists between the neighboring vegetation and his pool fence or the pool fence is raised to a height of 1800 mm and above. Any overhanging branches may be legally removed. 



Dividing fences – Where boundary fences are part of the swimming pool barrier, it must be 1800 mm high on the minimum and have a non-climbable zone that complies with the law. Where the fence is lower than 1800 mm in height, you should ensure the non-climbable zone is located on the outside of the fence. 



Fencing, gates, and latches – From the ground level, a pool fence should measure a minimum of 1200 mm and from the bottom of the pool barrier, the distance to the ground must not measure more than 100 mm. The gates must self-latch and self-close as well as not open towards the swimming pool area. 



Non-climbable zone – Experts carrying out pool safety inspections in Brisbane also look at the non-climbable zone to see whether it complies with the safety standard which requires the zone to span 900 mm around the whole of the pool barrier.



Cardiopulmonary resuscitation sign – There must be a CPR sign as per the requirements of pool inspections in Brisbane. The sign which should be displayed near the pool and in a conspicuous position must also contain helpful information to be used in the event of emergencies. 



Object reduces effective fence height of 1200mmPool safety inspections in Brisbane are done by licensed professionals who understand all the intricacies involved in the inspection process. Following the inspections, they can either issue you with a pool safety certificate which is an indication of compliance or a non-compliance notification which gives you three months to ensure your pool is rectified and re-inspection done. 

It does you a lot of good both business wise and legally to have a compliant swimming pool. Pool safety inspections in Brisbane can be done at any time depending on your preparedness.

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