Ensure Your Family’s Safety With Our Swimming Pool Safety Compliance Inspections


Swimming Pool Safety Compliance Inspections


Swimming Pool SafetyDo you know swimming pool safety compliance laws in Queensland? If you don't have a swimming pool, then it stands to reason that you wouldn't know. Still, if you do have a pool, then there's no reason for you not to know, after all, not only are the compliance regulations a matter of law, but it's also the best way to help ensure the safety of your family or visitors to your home. The first step is understanding what the swimming pool safety laws are, so you can begin to know how they affect you and what needs to change about your back yard pool. Elite Pool Inspections is your expert in swimming pool safety.


What Are the Swimming Pool Safety Laws?

Below you will find some of the rules that are in place when it comes to gates, fences, and other types of barriers around your pool, that has been put in place by the local government of Queensland. Contact us today to learn more about common swimming pool rules.


  • 1200mm is the minimum height from the ground up for a barrier
  • 100mm is the maximum gap that can be between the ground and the start of the barrier
  • There can be no climbable objects within 900mm of your barrier of the barrier is less than 1800mm high
  • There must be a minimum gap of 900mm between rails that are horizontal on the outside
  • Gaps in vertical railings cannot be greater than 100mm at any point
  • Pool gates must be self-closing and self-latching
  • Gates must never open inwards for extra swimming pool safety
  • Pool gates cannot be classified as climbable in any way
  • If a pool gate hinge is more than 10mm in thickness, the hinges must be more than 900mm apart


Above are just some of the laws that must be followed to comply with the safety laws of Queensland. If you're feeling overwhelmed already or aren't sure how to check your current barrier, don't worry, because we cover swimming pool safety inspections to ensure that you are compliant, your family is safe, and you don't get fined by an on the spot safety check. Please bear in mind that we don't fix swimming pools, nor do we inspect the pool for any problems, we strictly check the barriers, fences, and gates that are or should be in place.


Using a Swimming Pool Safety Inspection Service is Essential to You

Having an inspection is essential if you have a pool since the pool must be registered with the local government and a safety officer can call around at any time, you need to be following the laws at all times. Following swimming pool safety laws isn't optional, it's not something you can think about in the future, and it's not ever worth ignoring to save a few dollars. Having the correct safety barriers in place in accordance with the guide could mean the difference between life and death for someone at your home. Check out below what we do and what we cover, and why it is a benefit to you.


  • In-ground pools
  • Above ground pools
  • Indoor pools
  • Portable pools if they can have more than 300mm of water
  • You will receive a compliance certificate
  • Extremely competitive prices, you won't find a service for as good a price elsewhere
  • Service for private homeowners, landlords, and estate agents
  • Reduce the danger around your pool and keep your family safe
  • Avoid fines from the local government that can reach up to twenty thousand dollars
  • Have total peace of mind of knowing you are keeping everyone out of danger
  • We thoroughly check all pool barriers and entryways
  • We are fully licensed and certified to carry out the work
  • The compliance is vital if you need to sell your home
  • Quick service from just one phone call
  • We cover a wide area in Brisbane, Ipswich, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast



Getting in touch with us is the best way to resolve any doubts you have, answer any questions, or organise your inspection to make sure that your pool barriers are in keeping with the laws of Queensland. Our professional service is affordable and stress free, and it's one other thing that you won't have to worry about once you've had it done - you won't be disappointed with our swimming pool safety inspections.

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