What You Don’t Know About Pool Safety Inspections Woorim


Pool Safety Inspections Woorim

What You Want To Know About Pool Safety Inspections Woorim Service


Safety near the swimming pool is the main priority for Elite Pool Inspections, our in depth pool safety inspections Woorim service is the very best in Woorim that manage all of the elaborate legal paperwork included in the process to help you get your swimming pool safe and also to satisfy Australian Standards.


Getting pool safety inspections in Woorim area: What It Needs


Though many changes being applied through the years, the year 2008 saw a significant modification of pool safety inspection laws in Woorim that aimed at lessening the number of preventable drowning mishaps among small children below the age of five. According to the new law, pools must be enclosed by a child-resistant fencing and it’s the pool owner’s duty to make sure the fencing is always in good working condition. This applies to all pools no matter their age.


Our recommendation is if you have any kind of questions regarding what is necessary for your residence then to contact us. We will check the compliance and overall safety of your swimming pool, identify the trouble spots so that you know exactly where to look for and provide strategies on how you can remedy it. In this manner, we can minimize your legal responsibility and ensure you aren’t putting anyone at risk.


When pool safety inspections Woorim Service is necessary?


All in-ground swimming pools, whether they are totally or even partially in-ground, should be fully surrounded by fencing.


Over the ground, pool installations might need fences, but this is depending on several factors, one being water depth.


Portable & indoor pools and spas Queensland’s Pool Safety regulations apply to pools, including portable pools & spas, when it


• can hold more than 300mm of water

• can be filled with a capacity greater than 2,000L

• contains a filtration system.


If your pool meets the requirements mentioned above, you must:


• Add a fence/barrier that is in accordance with pool safety laws and get approval from Council

• get a certificate from a registered pool safety inspector stating that your fence complies with appropriate pool safety laws

• register your pool or spa.


How many times do you really need to have a pool safety inspection done?


By law, pool safety certifications are valid for one year for shared pools while for non-shared pools, the validity stretches to 2 years. The certificate will continue to be in force no matter how often the property is resold within this period.


So why choose us for your pool safety inspections Woorim service?


For us, our priority is not the paperwork, whilst we know that’s a vital aspect, but in providing you the peace of mind that your pool is safe to use. The swimming pool region should not only be an entertaining location to spend time with friends and family and relish the summer season by being out on the water but also should be a safe area with adequate fencing & latches so that no-one accidentally lands up in the swimming pool.


Our pool inspector will verify that the physical conditions of your pool as well as the surrounding area, fences around the pool area, and also locks on all gates leading to the pool area are up to local rules and regulations.


We know all of the regulations, and we have got decades of experience, therefore we really know what we are doing, you enter safe hands. With quick turnaround times and services offered at your convenience schedules, you are able to book your inspection at your preferable time and date.


Our pool safety inspections Woorim are carried out to the highest standard and our team take the stress out of obtaining a compliance certificate for your property. Call us for additional information and we will be happy to reply any questions you have regarding our pool safety inspections Woorim service or to book an inspection at a time that suits you best.




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