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Pool Safety Inspections – Exactly What Are Your Obligations In Queensland


Safety around the swimming pool certainly is the number one priority for Elite Pool Inspections, our complete pool safety inspections Woombye service is the best in Woombye that manage all of the complex legal paperwork involved in the procedure to help you get your swimming pool safe and also to satisfy Australian Guidelines.


The requirements of Pool Safety Inspections


The pool safety regulations in Woombye are actually in place since early 1990’s, but the year 2008 witnessed a tremendous change in pool safety regulations in Woombye that aimed at reducing the number of preventable drownings, particularly amongst little children. As part of the Queensland pool legislation modifications in 2010, swimming pool owners are now expected to build a fence around their pool area that complies with the fencing standards. This applies to all swimming pools irrespective of how old they are.


Whether you’re concerned about the structural components of the swimming pool or aren’t sure regarding what is needed for your residence, Elite Pool Inspections can certainly help. We will explain to you whether there are actually compliance issues with your swimming pool and assist you to obtain a pool safety certificate, so you’ve complete peace of mind that comes with knowing your pool is safe.


When pool safety inspections Woombye Service is necessary?


All pools that are in-ground, whether partially or completely, should be now enclosed by fences.


Depending on water depth (generally a minimum of 18-24 inches), above-ground pool installations might require pool fencing.


Portable pool safety Your portable swimming pool or spa need to conform to the Woombye pool safety regulations if it:


• can hold more than 300mm water

• has a volume of more than 2,000L

• has a filtration system.


When your swimming pool meets the requirements as listed above, you have to:


• Add a pool safety fencing that conforms with pool safety guidelines

• Receive a pool safety certificate from a building certifier or licensed pool safety inspector for fencing compliance

• register your swimming pool with the Queensland pool register.


How frequently do you really need to have a pool safety inspection done?


A certificate of compliance to say that your pool has passed the pool safety inspection is valid for 1 year for shared pools and two years for non-shared pools.


Why select us for the pool safety inspections Woombye services?


When you choose Elite Pools Inspections to handle your pool safety inspection, you can count on us to catch any potential safety risks and give professional industry help and advice to make sure your pool fulfills the maximum safety standard. A swimming pool area is amongst the most liked locations for the majority of families since it helps recharge the mind and have a great time in the sunshine, but simultaneously, a pool area can easily pose hazard to your loved ones if there are any kind of safety issues such as inadequate fencing.


That is why we offer you with a very clear picture of the existing condition of the swimming pool and explain everything that you must do to be certified with local codes & laws.


Our swimming pool inspectors are well-trained on these local guidelines & pool safety regulations, so you are guaranteed that we know what we are performing. Plus we are flexible, waiting to work together with you or perhaps your company to arrange times that are ideal and convenient for you personally.


At Elite Pool Inspections, our pool safety inspections Woombye are the best around, and we know you won’t be dissatisfied in the service we offer. Contact us today for any kind of information required and we’ll reply with all of the details you’re looking for regarding our top-class pool safety inspections Woombye process for your business or household.