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What You Don't Know About Pool Safety Inspections Woodford


Pool Safety Inspections – What Are Your Obligations In Qld


At Elite Pool Inspections, we will provide you peace of mind when it’s needed the most using our expert pool safety inspections Woodford which cover all aspects of the inspection procedure & local safety requirements to help make your pool area absolutely safe for your loved ones.


What is a pool safety inspections Woodford Service?


In 2008, new pool safety laws were enforced in Woodford with the aim of reducing swimming injury and avoidable drowning mishaps, especially among little children & susceptible individuals. In accordance with Queensland’s latest pool safety standard that was announced in the year 2010, it’s now compulsory for swimming pool owners to make sure that their pools are surrounded by fencing that acts as a child-resistant barrier. Another key factor to remember here is that is regardless of when the swimming pool was built.


Our recommendation is that if you have any kind of doubts about what is required at your residence then give us a call. Your family safety is our top priority and we are devoted to getting you certified the first time. In case your pool fencing is non-compliant, we will find out the exact problem and provide efficient solutions to achieve compliance.


Types of residential pools that need Pool Safety Inspections Service


All in-ground swimming pools, whether that be completely or partially in-ground, now will need to have a fence.


Over the ground, pool installations may need fencing and generally, it depends on water depth (typically around 18- 24 inches).


Portable pools/spas Your portable swimming pool or spa must adhere to pool safety laws if it:


• is capable of carrying greater than 300 mm (30 cm) level of water

• can be filled up with a capacity more than 2,000L

• has filtration or pumping system.


If the pool fulfills one of the previously mentioned criteria, then you need to:


• Add a swimming pool safety barrier that conforms with pool safety guidelines

• Get a certification from the licensed pool safety certifier declaring that your fence is in accordance with relevant pool safety regulations prior to filling the pool or spa with greater than 300mm of water

• register your pool with the QLD pool register.


How long does a certificate of compliance last?


The pool safety certificate is valid for two years for non-shared pools whilst for shared swimming pools the certificates are valid for a period of one year only.


Why you should pick Elite Pool Inspections for your pool safety inspections Woodford service?


We know that a beautiful-looking swimming pool does not always mean things are okay, that’s why we predominantly focus on ensuring pool safety and your peace of mind. The swimming pool area should not merely be an entertaining spot to hang out with family and friends and relish the summer season by being on the water but also must be a safe place with appropriate fence & latches so that nobody mistakenly lands up in the pool.


That is why we provide you with a clear picture of the present condition of your pool and show you exactly what you should do to be certified with local codes & regulations.


With years of experience & endless practical knowledge on every aspect of pool safety legal guidelines, we know exactly what to look for to make your swimming pool compliant. With fast turnaround times and services offered at your convenience schedules, you are able to book your inspection at your preferable time and date.


The highly trained pool inspection specialists at Elite Pool Inspections have got many years of experience in providing Queensland businesses & residences with comprehensive & thorough pool safety inspections Woodford service. We offer you with a detailed report and also a full solution to ensure that your pool area is safe for your family members have fun in. Contact us for more details and we will gladly respond to any inquiries you’ve got regarding our pool safety inspections Woodford service or to book an inspection at a time that suits you best.



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