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Pool Safety Inspections - Exactly What Are Your Obligations In Qld


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At Elite Pool Inspections, pool safety is constantly our main concern and our pool safety inspections Wamuran Basin are done to the best standard and cover all aspects of what is actually necessary to help make your pool area totally safe for you and your loved ones.


The necessities of Pool Safety Inspections


In 2008, new pool safety regulations were put in place in Wamuran Basin with the objective of minimising swimming personal injury and preventable drowning incidents, especially among young kids & vulnerable people. As part of the QLD home pool legislation changes in 2010, swimming pool owners are now required to build a fencing around their pool area that complies with the fencing Australian standards. This applies to all swimming pools no matter their age.


Our suggestion is that if you’ve any kind of doubts regarding what is required for your property then give us a call. Your loved ones’ safety is our key concern and we’re committed to getting you certified the first time. In case your pool fencing is non-compliant, we find out the precise issue and give you realistic remedies to accomplish compliance.


When pool safety inspections Wamuran Basin Services are required?


There must be a fence for all swimming pools that are in-ground, partially or completely.


Depending on water depth (typically a minimum of 18-24 inches), above ground pool installations may require pool fencing.


Portable Pools and Spas Your portable swimming pool or spa should comply with the Wamuran Basin pool safety standards if it:


• is capable of containing greater than 300 mm (30 cm) depth of water

• carries a capacity of greater than 2,000L

• contains a filtration system.


When your swimming pool fulfills one of the above criteria, then you need to:


• Provide a barrier/fence that complies with pool safety laws and obtain approval from Council

• get a certificate from a registered pool safety certifier stating that your fence complies with appropriate pool safety laws

• register your pool on Pool Safety Register.


How long does the pool safety certificate last?


A certificate of compliance to say that your pool has passed the pool safety inspection is valid for 1 year for shared swimming pools and two years for non-shared swimming pools.


So why select us for the pool safety inspections Wamuran Basin service?


We all know that a beautiful-looking swimming pool doesn’t mean things are okay, this is exactly why we largely concentrate on ensuring pool safety as well as your peace of mind. The swimming pool area needs to be an exciting location to enjoy summer season with loved ones under the sun and never distressing; the pool and the surrounding areas must not pose a hazard for submersion & accidental drownings, slips and trips, and fall incidents.


We will review your pool barrier, perimeter fences & pool bordering areas to make sure that none of these clashes with Qld Pool Safety Criteria.


Our swimming pool inspectors are well-informed on these local laws & pool safety codes, so you are guaranteed that we know exactly what we are doing. And we are flexible in our timings but un-compromising in quality of work, this means you can easily book a pool inspection time that’s convenient for you for round the clock quality expert services.


At Elite Pool Inspections, our pool safety inspections Wamuran Basin are your favourite around, and we know you won’t be disappointed with the service we offer. Call us right now for any kind of information required and we will get back to you with all of the details you require with regards to our top-class pool safety inspections Wamuran Basin process for your residence or business.



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