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Pool Safety Inspections – What Are Your Obligations In Qld


Safety around the pool certainly is the # 1 priority for Elite Pool Inspections, our extensive pool safety inspections Towen Mountain service is the very best in Towen Mountain that address all the complicated legal paperwork involved in the process to help you make your pool safe and to satisfy Australian Standards.


Getting pool safety inspections in Towen Mountain area: What It Takes


In 2008, new pool safety guidelines were enforced in Towen Mountain with the objective of minimising swimming injuries & avoidable drowning incidents, especially among young children & vulnerable people. In accordance with Queensland’s new pool safety regulations that was announced in 2010, it is now compulsory for pool owners to make sure that their pools are surrounded by fencing that works as a child-resistant barrier. This applies to all swimming pools no matter how old they are.


You may have many questions regarding the swimming pool safety regulations or what is necessary for your home. Whatever your doubts or queries may be, Elite Pool Inspections can assist you. Your loved ones’ safety is our key concern and we are committed to getting you certified the first time. In case your swimming pool barrier is non-compliant, we find out the exact issue and provide efficient solutions to achieve compliance.


Types of residential swimming pools that need Pool Safety Inspections Service


All of the in-ground swimming pools, no matter whether they are completely or even partly in-ground, must be fully circled by fencing.


Above the ground, pool installations may require fencing and usually, it all depends on water depth (typically around 18- 24 inches).


Portable pools/spas Your portable pool or spa must conform to the Towen Mountain pool safety standards if it:


• can hold more than 300mm water

• has got a total volume in excess of 2,000 L

• possesses a filtration system.


In case your pool fulfills one of the previously mentioned requirements, then you need to:


• Add a pool safety barrier that complies with pool safety regulations

• get a certificate from a registered pool safety inspector stating that your fencing complies with appropriate pool safety laws

• register your swimming pool with the QLD swimming pool register.


Exactly how long does the pool safety certification last?


Legally, pool safety certifications are valid for 1 year for shared pools whilst for non-shared swimming pools, the validity period extends to 2 years. The certificate will continue to be in force regardless how often the property or home is resold within this period of time.


Benefits of Hiring a Elite Pool Inspections for Pool Safety Inspections


When you select Elite Pools Inspections to take care of your pool safety inspection, you can easily count on us to catch any possible safety risks and offer expert industry advice to make certain your swimming pool fulfills the highest safety standard. A pool is one of the much-loved places for many families because it helps revitalize the mind and have some fun under the sun, but simultaneously, a swimming pool area could pose threat to your family members in case there are any safety issues like inadequate fencing.


That’s the reason why we have made it our life’s work to make sure that each and every pool we examine satisfies the laws necessary to keep you and your loved ones safe.


Our qualified pool inspectors have years of practical experience to give you an in depth and hassle-free pool assessment procedure. We are available with flexible timing according to the client’s needs, therefore you can schedule your inspection after-hours and even on weekends for your convenience.


Right at Elite Pool Inspections, our pool safety inspections Towen Mountain are your favourite around, so we know you will not be dissatisfied with the services we deliver. Give us a call today for any information required and we’ll respond with all the details you’re looking for with regards to our top-class pool safety inspections Towen Mountain process for your business or home.