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What You Don't Know Regarding Pool Safety Inspections Toorbul


Making Pool Safety A Priority – Elite Pool Inspections For The Pool Safety Inspections Toorbul Service


Elite Pool Inspections take your safety and well-being very seriously, that’s why our pool safety inspections Toorbul are carried out to the optimum standard & give you immediate certification. We help make your swimming pool safe & certified with the latest pool safety laws, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your pool area is completely safe for your family members.


The necessities of Pool Safety Inspections Toorbul


In 2008, new pool safety policies were executed in Toorbul with the aim of reducing swimming injury & avoidable drowning incidents, particularly among young kids and vulnerable individuals. As per the new law, swimming pools should be surrounded by a child-resistant fencing and it is the pool owner’s duty to ensure the barrier is always in good condition. This applies to all swimming pools regardless of how old they are.


Our advice is if you’ve got any kind of questions about what is necessary for your home then to contact us. Your loved ones’ safety is our key concern and we are dedicated to getting you compliant the very first time. In the event that your pool fencing is non-compliant, we find out the precise issue and provide you with practical remedies to accomplish compliance.


So what pools require a pool safety inspections Toorbul Service?


All swimming pools that are in-ground, whether completely or partially, must be now surrounded by fences.


Above the ground, pool installations may require fencing and generally, it all depends on water depth (typically around 18- 24 inches).


Portable pools/spas Your portable pool must follow pool safety laws if it:


• can carry water greater than 300mm

• has a capacity of more than 2,000L

• features a filter system.


If your pool satisfies the requirements listed above, you have to:


• Add a swimming pool safety fencing that conforms with pool safety regulations

• Have your pool fencing inspected and obtain a pool safety certificate from a licensed pool safety certifier

• Register your swimming pool on the Pool Safety Register.


How frequently do you need to get a pool safety certification?


By law, pool safety certificates are good for one year for shared pools whilst for non-shared swimming pools, the validity extends to 2 years. The certificate will remain in force no matter how often the property or home is resold over this period of time.


Benefits of Employing a Elite Pool Inspections for Pool Safety Inspections


When you choose Elite Pools Inspections to handle your pool inspection, you can rely on us to catch any possible safety hazards and give professional industry assistance to make sure your pool fulfills the highest safety standards. Experiencing and enjoying the summer with family and friends, being out in the sun, & spending time close to the swimming pool are one of the very best moments, but we well know that that can all change in seconds when your swimming pool is not thoroughly fenced and secure.


That’s the reason why we present you with a precise picture of the current condition of your pool and describe precisely what you need to do to become compliant with local codes and laws.


We know all of the rules and regulations, and we possess years and years of experience, so we know exactly what we are executing, you’re in safe hands. We’re readily available with flexible timings in accordance with the customer’s requirements, therefore you could schedule services after-hours and even on weekends for your convenience.


The properly trained pool inspection experts at Elite Pool Inspections have got several years of experience in providing Toorbul residences & businesses with in-depth & thorough pool safety inspections Toorbul service. We offer you with a complete report and a full solution to ensure your pool area is safe for the family to enjoy. If you would like to organize an inspection with our friendly team of professionals or have any questions regarding your pool safety inspections Toorbul process, don’t wait to get in contact with us.