Our Priority Is Swimming pool Fence Safety: Why Use Elite Pool Inspections For Your Pool Safety Inspections Tanawha Services

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Elite Pool Inspections – We Fix The Compliant Concerns For Your Pool Safety Inspections


At Elite Pool Inspections, pool safety is always our major priority and our pool safety inspections Tanawha are conducted to the best standard and take care of all aspects of what is actually needed to help make your pool area 100 % safe for you and your family.


Precisely what is a pool safety inspections Tanawha Service?


pool safety inspections Tanawha are required legally in Tanawha, in 2008 there had been a change in the Pool safety inspection guidelines in Tanawha that focused on minimizing the number of avoidable drownings particularly with young & susceptible individuals. In accordance with the new law, swimming pools should be surrounded by a child-resistant barrier and it is the pool owner’s duty to make sure the barrier is constantly in good condition. Yet another key factor to remember here is that is regardless of when the pool was constructed.


Whether you are worried about the structural elements of the pool or aren’t sure about what is needed at your property, Elite Pool Inspections can help you. Your loved ones’ safety is our key concern and we’re committed to getting you certified the first time. In case your swimming pool fencing is non-compliant, we locate the precise problem and give you effective solutions to attain compliance.


pool safety inspections Tanawha & Compliance


All in-ground pools, regardless of whether that is totally or even partially in-ground, now should have a fence.


Based on water depth (usually a minimum of 18-24 inches), above ground pool installations may require pool fencing.


Portable swimming pools All portable swimming pools and spas must have a compliant safety barrier when it:


• can hold water deeper than 300mm

• has a total capacity of more than 2,000 L

• possesses a filtration system.


When you have a swimming pool that meets all or any of the previously mentioned requirements, you will have to:


• Set up a barrier/fence that is in accordance with the requirements of the Swimming Pool Act

• Receive a pool safety certification from a building certifier or licensed pool safety inspector for fencing compliance

• Register your swimming pool on the Pool Safety Register.


Just how long the Form 23 pool safety certificate is valid for a property?


A certificate of compliance to state that your swimming pool has passed the pool safety inspection it is valid for 1 year for shared swimming pools and two years for all others.


Why pick us for your pool safety inspections Tanawha services?


When you select Elite Pools Inspections to take care of your pool safety inspection, you can rely on us to catch any potential safety issues and provide expert industry assistance to make sure that your pool fulfills the highest safety standard. A swimming pool area is one of the most liked locations for many families because it helps recharge the body and mind and have fun under the sun, but simultaneously, a swimming pool area might pose hazard for your children should there be any safety issues like inappropriate fencing.


Our pool inspector will verify that the physical conditions of the pool and also the surrounding area, fences across the pool, and also locks on all gates towards the swimming pool area meet local rules and regulations.


We know all the regulations, and we have decades of experience, therefore we know exactly what we’re executing, you enter safe hands. We are available with flexible timing according to the client’s requirements, therefore you can schedule services after hours and also on weekend time for your convenience.


The highly-trained inspection experts at Elite Pool Inspections have got many years of experience in providing Tanawha businesses & residences with comprehensive & thorough pool safety inspections Tanawha services. We provide you with an extensive report along with a complete solution to ensure your swimming pool area is safe for your family have fun in. If you would like to arrange an inspection with our friendly team of experts or have inquiries about our pool safety inspections Tanawha procedure, please get in contact with us.