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Pool Safety Inspections Samford

Are You Looking For Pool Safety Inspections In Samford Qld? Look No Further Than Elite Pool Inspections


Safety all around swimming pool is the main priority for Elite Pool Inspections, our in depth pool safety inspections Samford service is the best in Samford that handle all the complex legal paperwork included in the process to assist you get your pool safe and to satisfy Australian Standards.


Having a pool safety inspections Samford Service in Samford area: What Must Be Done


Although several changes being applied through the years, the year 2008 saw a huge revision of pool safety laws in Samford that centered on minimising the number of preventable drowning accidents amongst kids under the age of five. Following the law passed on the 1st December 2010, swimming pool owners are currently required to not only build but also to have a restricted fenced area surrounding their swimming pools. The key point is the fact that this law holds true for all pools irrespective of when the pool had been installed.


Our suggestion is if you possess any kind of questions about what is necessary at your home then contact us. Your family safety is our key concern and we’re dedicated to getting you certified the very first time. Just in case your swimming pool barrier is non-compliant, we find out the exact issue and provide effective remedies to achieve compliance.


Types of residential pools that need Pool Safety Inspections Service


There should be a fence for all pools that are in-ground, completely or partially.


Based on water depth (usually a minimum of 18-24 inches), above-ground swimming pool installations might require fencing.


Portable pools/spas Your portable swimming pool or spa should adhere to the Samford pool safety standards if it:


• is capable of containing more than 300 mm (30 cm) level of water

• has a capacity of greater than 2,000L

• includes a filtering system.


If your swimming pool meets one of the previously mentioned requirements, then you will need to:


• Install a swimming pool safety fencing that complies with pool safety regulations

• obtain a certificate from a licensed pool safety inspector declaring that your fence complies with relevant pool safety laws

• register your swimming pool or spa.


How many times do you really need to have a pool safety inspection done?


The pool safety certificate is valid for two years for non-shared swimming pools whilst for shared swimming pools the certificates are valid for one year only.


Benefits of Hiring a Elite Pool Inspections for Pool Safety Inspections


We know that a good-looking pool does not necessarily mean all things are okay, that’s why we predominantly concentrate on ensuring pool safety plus your peace of mind. The pool area should not just be a pleasurable spot to spend some time with friends and family and enjoy the summer months by being on the water but also should be a risk-free place with appropriate fence and latches so that no-one accidentally ends up in the swimming pool.


We will inspect your pool barrier, boundary fencing & pool surrounding regions to ensure that none of these clashes with Queensland Pool Safety Standards.


We know all the legal guidelines, and we have decades of experience, so we know what we’re executing, you are in safe hands. And we’re flexible, wanting to work together with you or your company to set up times which are ideal & convenient for you.


The highly skilled pool inspection specialists at Elite Pool Inspections have many years of experience in providing Samford homes & businesses with in-depth and thorough pool safety inspections Samford services. We give you with a detailed report and a full solution to make sure that your swimming pool area is made safe for your loved ones to enjoy. Contact us right now for any information required and we will respond with all of the details you require regarding our top class pool safety inspections Samford process for your residence or business.