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Pool Safety Inspections Samford Valley – Why You Should Have One In Samford Valley


Safety all around pool area is the top priority for Elite Pool Inspections, our thorough pool safety inspections Samford Valley service is the best in Samford Valley that take care of all the complex legal paperwork involved in the procedure to assist you make your swimming pool safe and also to meet Australian Standards.


The necessities of Pool Safety Inspections


pool safety inspections Samford Valley are required legally in Samford Valley, in 2008 there was a modification of the Pool safety inspection laws in Samford Valley that centered on reducing the number of avoidable drownings particularly with young and vulnerable individuals. In accordance with the new law, swimming pools must be surrounded by a child-resistant fencing and it’s the pool owner’s duty to make sure the barrier is always in good condition. This applies to all pools regardless of their age.


You may have numerous questions on the swimming pool safety laws or what is required for your residence. Whatever your questions or doubts may be, Elite Pool Inspections could help you. Your family safety is our key concern and we are dedicated to getting you certified the very first time. In case your pool fencing is non-compliant, we will determine the exact issue and provide you with efficient remedies to achieve compliance.


pool safety inspections Samford Valley & Compliance


There has to be a fence for all swimming pools which are in-ground, partially or completely.


Based on water depth (usually a minimum of 18-24 inches), above ground pool installations might need fences.


Portable pools/spas All portable swimming pools & spas should have a compliant safety fencing if it:


• can hold water greater than 300mm

• has a volume of greater than 2,000L

• contains a filtering system.


If you’ve a pool that satisfies any or all of the aforementioned criteria, you will have to:


• Set up a barrier/fence that is in accordance with the requirements of the Swimming Pool Act

• Have your pool barrier assessed & receive a pool safety certificate from a licensed pool safety fence certifier

• register your swimming pool with the Queensland swimming pool register.


Exactly how long does the pool safety certification last?


A certificate of compliance, which is actually provided for a pool that has passed the pool safety inspection, is valid for 1 year from date of issue for shared pools and 2 years for non-shared swimming pools.


So why pick us for the pool safety inspections Samford Valley services?


We all know that a good-looking pool doesn’t mean things are okay, this is exactly why we predominantly concentrate on ensuring pool safety plus your peace of mind. The pool region should not only be a pleasurable location to hang out with loved ones and relish the summer season by being on the water but also must be a risk-free place with proper fencing & latches so that nobody unintentionally lands up in the pool.


This is exactly why we offer you with a very clear picture of the existing condition of the swimming pool and explain everything that you must do to be certified with local rules and laws.


With years of experience and endless knowledge on every aspect of swimming pool safety legal guidelines, we well know exactly what to watch out for to make your pool compliant. And we’re flexible on our timings but un-compromising in quality, and that means you can book an inspection time that is comfortable for you for round-the-clock quality professional services.


The professionals at Elite Pool Inspections help make pool safety inspections Samford Valley a piece of cake since we perform a comprehensive inspection and cover all of the aspects for obtaining quick certification. Contact us today for any information required and we will get back to you with all the details you require with regards to our top-notch pool safety inspections Samford Valley process for your business or residence.



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