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Pool Safety Inspections Reesville
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Elite Pool Inspections – We Resolve The Compliant Concerns For Your Pool Safety Inspections


Safety is always our most important priority at Elite Pool Inspections, our pool safety inspections Reesville are the very best in the city delivering you with not only the essential official paperwork but also providing you and your family members complete peace of mind.


The requirements of Pool Safety Inspections Reesville


The pool safety regulations in Reesville are in place since the early 1990’s, however the year 2008 saw a considerable change in pool safety guidelines in Reesville that aimed at lowering the number of avoidable drownings, especially amongst little children. As part of the QLD home pool legislation changes in 2010, swimming pool owners are now expected to build a fencing around their swimming pool area that is in accordance with the pool fencing standards. Yet another key factor to note here is that is regardless of when the swimming pool was constructed.


Our suggestion is if you’ve any questions regarding what is necessary for your property then to contact us. We will let you know whether there are compliance problems with your pool area and guide you to obtain a pool safety certificate, so you have complete peace of mind that comes with realizing your swimming pool is safe.


pool safety inspections Reesville & Compliance


All in-ground swimming pools, whether they are totally or partially in-ground, must be completely surrounded by a fence.


Above the ground, swimming pool installations may need pool fencing, however, this depends on numerous factors, one being water depth.


Portable Pools and Spas Your portable pool or spa need to adhere to the Reesville pool safety standards when it:


• can hold water deeper than 300mm

• has more than 2,000L volume

• has got filtering or pumping system.


If you’ve got a pool that satisfies any or all of the above requirements, you will need to:


• Add a pool safety fencing that complies with pool safety guidelines

• get a certificate from a registered pool safety inspector declaring that your fencing complies with relevant pool safety regulations

• Register your swimming pool on the Pool Safety Register.


Exactly how long does a certificate of compliance last?


A certificate of compliance, which is given for a swimming pool that has passed the inspection, applies for one year from the date of issue for shared swimming pools and 2 years for non-shared pools.


Elite Pool Inspections – Why choose us for your pool safety inspections Reesville services?


We know that a beautiful-looking pool does not mean all things are okay, this is exactly why we predominantly focus on ensuring pool safety plus your peace of mind. A swimming pool area is amongst the favourite locations for many families because it helps revitalize the body and mind and have some fun under the sun, but at the same time, a swimming pool area could pose threat for your children if there are any kind of issues of safety like insufficient fencing.


That’s why we have made it our life’s work to ensure that each and every pool we examine fulfills the regulations required to keep you and your loved ones safe.


Our skilled inspectors have got many years of experience to offer you an extensive and hassle free pool inspection process. And we’re flexible, looking to work together with you or perhaps your business to set up times that are ideal & convenient for you.


Right at Elite Pool Inspections, our pool safety inspections Reesville are your favourite around, and we know you won’t be dissatisfied in the service we offer. If you’d like to organize an inspection with our helpful team of experts or have any questions about your pool safety inspections Reesville process, please get in contact with us.