Pool Safety Inspections – What Are Your Obligations In Queensland

Our Top priority Is Pool Safety: Why Use Elite Pool Inspections For Your Pool Safety Inspections Murrumba Downs Services


Exactly What You Don’t Know About Pool Safety Inspections Murrumba Downs


At Elite Pool Inspections, we’ll provide you peace of mind when you need it the most with our expert pool safety inspections Murrumba Downs which cover every aspect of the inspection procedure and local safety specifications to make your pool completely risk-free for your family.


New pool safety inspections Murrumba Downs Guidelines


In 2008, new pool safety guidelines were put in place in Murrumba Downs with the objective of minimising swimming injuries & avoidable drowning mishaps, especially among young kids & vulnerable individuals. According to the new law, pools should be surrounded by a child-resistant fencing and it is the pool owner’s responsibility to ensure the fencing is always in excellent working condition. This is applicable to all pools irrespective of how old they are.


Whether you’re concerned about the structural elements of the pool or aren’t sure about what is needed for your residence, Elite Pool Inspections can help. Your family safety is our main concern and we’re focused on getting you certified the very first time. In the event that your swimming pool fencing is non-compliant, we find out the exact issue and provide you with efficient solutions to obtain compliance.


pool safety inspections Murrumba Downs & Compliance


There has to be fencing for all those swimming pools that are in-ground, partially or completely.


Above the ground, pool installations may need pool fencing, but this depends upon various factors, one being water depth.


Portable swimming pools Your portable swimming pool or spa should follow pool safety guidelines if it:


• can contain water to a depth greater than 300 mm (30 cm)

• has a capacity of more than 2,000L

• has a filtering system.


If you have a pool that satisfies all or any of the previously mentioned requirements, you will need to:


• Install a pool safety fencing that complies with pool safety laws

• get a certificate from a licensed pool safety inspector declaring that your fencing complies with appropriate pool safety laws

• register your pool with the QLD swimming pool register.


How long the Form 23 pool safety certificate is valid for a property?


A certificate of compliance, which is actually granted for a swimming pool that has passed the inspection, applies for one year from date of issue for shared swimming pools and two years for non-shared swimming pools.


Why you should pick Elite Pool Inspections for your pool safety inspections Murrumba Downs services?


We all know that a good-looking swimming pool doesn’t mean things are okay, that’s why we largely concentrate on ensuring pool safety plus your peace of mind. Experiencing and enjoying the summer with family, being out in the sun, & hanging out close to the pool are one of the best occasions, but we well know that that can all change in no time when your pool is not properly fenced & risk-free.


That’s the reason why we’ve made it our life’s work to make sure that every pool we inspect meets the regulations required to keep you and your loved ones safe.


With years of experience & limitless practical knowledge on every aspect of swimming pool safety regulations, we know exactly what to look for to help make your swimming pool compliant. And we’re flexible on our timings but un-compromising in quality of work, which means you can book a pool inspection time that is comfortable for you personally for round the clock quality expert services.


Our pool safety inspections Murrumba Downs are carried out to the highest standard and our team take the stress out from obtaining a compliance certificate for your residence. If you’d like to arrange a pool inspection with our friendly team of professionals or have any questions regarding your pool safety inspections Murrumba Downs process, don’t hesitate to contact us.