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Pool Safety Inspections Morayfield - Why You Need To Have One In Morayfield


Exactly What You Don’t Know About Pool Safety Inspections Morayfield


At Elite Pool Inspections, safety is always our major concern and our pool safety inspections Morayfield are performed to the best standard and address all aspects of what is needed to make your pool area fully safe for you and your family members.


Morayfield pool safety inspections Service


pool safety inspections Morayfield are necessary legally in Morayfield, in 2008 there had been a change in the Pool safety inspection regulations in Morayfield that centered on decreasing the number of avoidable drownings particularly with younger and vulnerable individuals. According to the latest law, swimming pools must be surrounded by a child-resistant fencing and it’s the pool owner’s responsibility to make sure the barrier is always in great working condition. The main factor is that this law is applicable to all swimming pools irrespective of when the pool had been installed.


If you have any questions about what is required for the safety of your pool, arranging our pool safety inspections service is the smartest action you can take. We will look into the compliance and overall safety of your swimming pool, detect the troublesome areas so you know exactly where to look for and provide advice on how you can fix it. This way, we will minimize your legal responsibility and make sure you aren’t putting anyone at risk.


pool safety inspections Morayfield and Compliance


All of the in-ground pools, whether they are completely or even partially in-ground, should be fully surrounded by fencing.


Above the ground, pool installations may need fencing and usually, it all depends on water depth (typically around 18- 24 inches).


Portable Pools and Spas Your portable pool or spa should follow pool safety laws when it:


• can carry water deeper than 300mm

• has a capacity of more than 2,000L

• has filtering or pumping system.


You have to do the following if your swimming pool fulfills any of the specifications mentioned above.


• Set up a pool barrier that complies with the standards of the Swimming Pool Act

• get a certificate from a licensed pool safety inspector stating that your fencing complies with relevant pool safety laws

• register your pool on Pool Safety Register.


How long the Form 23 pool safety certificate is valid for a property or home?


The pool safety certificate is good for two years for non-shared pools whilst for shared pools the certificates are valid for a period of 1 year only.


Benefits of Hiring a Elite Pool Inspections for Pool Safety Inspections


We know that a good-looking pool doesn’t mean all things are fine, that’s why we mainly concentrate on ensuring pool safety and your peace of mind. A pool is one of the most liked places for the majority of families because it helps renew the body and mind and have a great time under the sun, but simultaneously, a pool area can pose hazard to your loved ones in case there are any issues of safety like inappropriate fencing.


That is why we offer you with a very clear picture of the current condition of your swimming pool and describe exactly what you need to do to become compliant with local codes and laws.


With several years of experience & limitless practical knowledge on all aspects of pool safety legal requirements, we know exactly what to watch out for to help make your swimming pool certified. And we’re flexible, wanting to work with you or perhaps your business to set up times that are suitable & convenient for you personally.


The highly-trained inspection experts at Elite Pool Inspections have many years of experience in providing Queensland residences and companies with complete and thorough pool safety inspections Morayfield service. We give you with an elaborate report and a full solution to make sure that your pool area is safe for the family members have fun with. So please don’t wait to call us for more information on how we can begin your pool safety inspections Morayfield process.