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Pool Safety Inspections Montville
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At Elite Pool Inspections, we’ll give you peace of mind when it’s needed the most with our skilled pool safety inspections Montville that cover every aspect of the inspection procedure & local safety requirements to help make your pool area completely risk-free for family.


Montville pool safety inspections Services


The pool safety laws in Montville are actually in place since early ’90s, but the year 2008 witnessed a vital change in pool safety regulations in Montville that centered on lowering the number of preventable drownings, especially amongst children. In accordance with Queensland’s new pool safety requirements which was introduced in the year 2010, it’s now compulsory for swimming pool owners to make sure that their swimming pools are enclosed by a fence that acts as a child-resistant barrier. The main factor is the fact that this law holds true for all pools regardless of when the pool was installed.


If you’ve got any doubts regarding what is necessary for the safety of your swimming pool, arranging our pool safety inspections service is the smartest action you can take. We will check out the compliance and overall safety of your pool, find out the troublesome areas so that you know exactly where to look and give advice on how you can remedy it. In this manner, we will minimize your legal responsibility and make sure you aren’t putting anybody in danger.


pool safety inspections Montville & Compliance


All in-ground pools, regardless of whether that be totally or perhaps partially in-ground, now will need to have fencing.


Above the ground, swimming pool installations might require pool fencing, but this is subject to numerous factors, one is water depth.


Portable and indoor swimming pools and spas All portable swimming pools and spas should have a compliant pool safety barrier if it:


• is capable of holding more than 300 mm (30 cm) depth of water

• has more than 2,000L volume

• contains a filter system.


When your swimming pool satisfies the requirements listed above, you have to:


• Add pool safety fencing to receive building approval

• get a certificate from a registered pool safety inspector declaring that your fence complies with relevant pool safety regulations

• register your swimming pool with the Queensland swimming pool register.


Just how long the Form 23 pool safety certificate is valid for a property or home?


The pool safety certificate is valid for two years for non-shared swimming pools while for shared pools the certificates are valid for 1 year only.


Benefits associated with Hiring a Elite Pool Inspections for Pool Safety Inspections


We know that a beautiful-looking swimming pool does not mean everything is okay, that’s why we mainly concentrate on ensuring pool safety and your peace of mind. The pool area should not merely be an entertaining place to spend time with best friends and family and enjoy the summer time by being out on the water but also should be a risk-free area with appropriate fencing & latches so that nobody accidentally ends up in the pool.


We will examine your pool barrier, perimeter fencing and swimming pool surrounding areas to make sure that none of these clashes with Qld Pool Safety Requirements.


Our skilled pool inspectors have many years of experience to provide a comprehensive and hassle-free pool assessment process. And we’re flexible, looking to work together with you or your business to set up times which are suitable and convenient for you.


The industry experts at Elite Pool Inspections make pool safety inspections Montville a breeze as we carry out an all-inclusive inspection & cover all the aspects for getting quick certification. So don’t hesitate speak to us for additional information on how we could commence your pool safety inspections Montville course of action.