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Our Priority Is Pool Safety: Why Should You Use Elite Pool Inspections For Your Pool Safety Inspections Meldale Services


Our Priority Is Pool Fence Safety: Why Should You Use Elite Pool Inspections For Your Pool Safety Inspections Meldale Service


At Elite Pool Inspections, safety is always our major concern and our pool safety inspections Meldale are carried out to the highest standard and manage every aspect of what is necessary to make your swimming pool entirely safe for you and your loved ones.


Meldale pool safety inspections Service


pool safety inspections Meldale are necessary legally in Meldale, in 2008 there had been a modification of the Pool safety inspection guidelines in Meldale that centered on lowering the number of avoidable drownings especially with young children and susceptible individuals. Per Queensland’s latest pool safety standard which was introduced in 2010, it’s now compulsory for swimming pool owners to make sure that their swimming pools are enclosed by fencing that works as a child-resistant barrier. The main factor is the fact that this law holds true for all pools irrespective of when the pool had been constructed.


Whether you are worried about the structural components of the swimming pool or aren’t sure about what is required for your property, Elite Pool Inspections can help you. We can make certain that your swimming pool fencing conforms with all pool safety guidelines, issuing you with the Pool safety certificate, so you’ve total peace of mind with regards to the legal paperwork but most importantly the safety.


So what swimming pools need pool safety inspections Meldale?


There should be fencing for all those pools which are in-ground, completely or partially.


Over the ground, pool installations might require fencing and usually, it all depends on water depth (typically around 18- 24 inches).


Portable pools/spas Queensland’s Pool Safety regulations apply to pools, including portable pools & spas, when it


• can carry water greater than 300mm

• can be filled with a volume more than 2,000L

• has got filtering or pumping system.


When you have a swimming pool that meets any or all of the above requirements, you need to:


• Install swimming pool safety fencing to get building approval

• Get a certificate from a licensed building certifier stating that your fence complies with relevant pool safety guidelines before filling the pool or spa with more than 300mm of water

• register your pool with the Queensland swimming pool register.


How frequently do you need to have a pool safety inspection done?


The pool safety certificate is valid for two years for non-shared swimming pools whilst for shared swimming pools the certificates are valid for 1 year only.


So why choose us for the pool safety inspections Meldale services?


For our firm, our priority isn’t the legal paperwork, while we well know that is a vital aspect, but in providing you the complete peace of mind that your pool is safe to use. The swimming pool location should be a fun place to appreciate summer season with family and friends in the sunshine and not distressing; the swimming pool and the adjacent areas must not pose a hazard for accidental drownings & submersion, slips and trips, and fall accidents.


Our pool inspector will verify that the physical conditions of the pool and the surrounding region, fences around the pool area, in addition to locks on all entry doors leading to the swimming pool area meet local rules and regulations.


Our certified pool inspectors have got years of practical experience to give you a comprehensive & hassle-free swimming pool assessment process. We are available with flexible timing according to the customer’s requirements, therefore you can schedule your inspection after hours and also on weekends for your comfort.


The highly-trained inspection specialists at Elite Pool Inspections have got many years of experience in providing Meldale businesses and residences with complete and thorough pool safety inspections Meldale service. We give you with a comprehensive report along with a full solution to make sure that your pool area is made safe for your loved ones have fun with. So please don’t hesitate speak to us for additional information on how we could begin your pool safety inspections Meldale procedure.