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Our Priority Is Pool Safety: Why Use Elite Pool Inspections For Your Pool Safety Inspections Landers Shoot Services


Pool Safety Inspections – Exactly What Are Your Obligations In Qld


At Elite Pool Inspections, pool safety is constantly our major concern and our pool safety inspections Landers Shoot are conducted to the optimum standard and cover all aspects of what is necessary to make your pool area 100 % safe for you and your kids.


The necessities of Pool Safety Inspections


Though several changes being applied over the years, the year 2008 witnessed a major revision of pool safety regulations in Landers Shoot that focused entirely on minimising the total number of preventable drowning mishaps among young children below the age of five. According to the latest law, pools must be circled by a child-resistant barrier and it is the pool owner’s responsibility to make sure the barrier is always in good condition. The main factor is that this law is applicable to all swimming pools regardless of when the swimming pool had been installed.


If you have any questions regarding what is necessary for the safety of your pool, booking our pool safety inspections service is the best thing you can do. We will check out the compliance and safety of your pool, identify the trouble spots so you know exactly where to look and provide strategies on how to remedy it. In this way, we can minimize your legal responsibility and make sure you aren’t putting anybody in danger.


When pool safety inspections Landers Shoot Service is necessary?


All in-ground pools, whether they are totally or partially in-ground, should be fully enclosed by fencing.


Based on water depth, swimming pool fencing may be required for above-ground swimming pool installations.


Portable pools safety All portable pools & spas must have a compliant pool safety fencing when it:


• can carry water greater than 300mm

• carries a capacity of more than 2,000L

• has a filtering system.


When your pool meets the requirements mentioned above, you will need to:


• Install a pool barrier that is in accordance with the standards of the Swimming Pool Act

• Receive a pool safety certification from the building certifier or licensed pool safety inspector for fencing compliance

• register your pool or spa.


So how long does a certificate of compliance last?


The pool safety certificate is valid for two years for non-shared swimming pools whilst for shared pools the certificates are valid for 1 year only.


Why should you pick Elite Pool Inspections for your pool safety inspections Landers Shoot service?


For our firm, our top priority is to give a risk-free swimming pool environment for your family members in addition to taking care of all of the necessary legal paperwork. The swimming pool location should be an exciting place to enjoy summer time with family and friends in the sunshine and not worrisome; the pool and also the surrounding areas shouldn’t pose a risk for submersion and accidental drownings, slips and trips, and fall injuries.


This is exactly why we offer you with a clear picture of the existing condition of your pool & show you precisely what you should do to be compliant with local rules & laws.


Our competent inspectors have got many years of experience to give you an in-depth and hassle free pool assessment procedure. We are available with flexible timing according to the client’s needs, therefore you could schedule your pool inspection after hours and also on weekends for your convenience.


The experts at Elite Pool Inspections help make pool safety inspections Landers Shoot a simple process since we conduct an all-inclusive inspection & cover all the aspects for obtaining instant certification. Call us today for any kind of information needed and we will reply with all the details you need regarding our top-class pool safety inspections Landers Shoot process for your home or business.