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Elite Pool Inspections For Pool Safety Inspections Highworth And Compliance Certificates


What You Need To Know About Pool Safety Inspections Highworth Service


At Elite Pool Inspections, we will give you peace of mind when it’s needed the most using our expert pool safety inspections Highworth which cover all aspects of the inspection procedure and local safety specifications to help make your pool totally risk-free for family.


New pool safety inspections Highworth Law


The pool safety laws in Highworth are in place since early ’90s, however the year 2008 saw a significant change in pool safety guidelines in Highworth that centered on decreasing the number of preventable drownings, particularly among little children. According to Queensland’s latest pool safety standard that was introduced in the year 2010, it’s now compulsory for swimming pool owners to ensure that their swimming pools are surrounded by fencing that works as a child-resistant barrier. Yet another key factor to remember here is that is irrespective of when the swimming pool was constructed.


Whether you are concerned about the structural elements of the swimming pool or aren’t certain regarding what is required for your property, Elite Pool Inspections can help. Your family safety is our priority and we are dedicated to getting you compliant the first time. Just in case your swimming pool barrier is non-compliant, we find out the precise problem and give you effective remedies to achieve compliance.


When pool safety inspections Highworth Service is necessary?


All in-ground swimming pools, no matter whether they are completely or even partly in-ground, must be entirely surrounded by fencing.


Depending on water depth (usually a minimum of 18-24 inches), above-ground pool installations might need fences.


Portable pools/spas Queensland’s Pool Safety laws apply to pools, which include portable swimming pools & spas, when it


• can carry water to a level more than 300 mm (30 cm)

• could be filled up with a volume greater than 2,000L

• has filtration or pumping system.


You need to do the following when your swimming pool meets any of the specifications mentioned above.


• Provide a fence/barrier that complies with pool safety regulations and get building approval from Council

• Get a certificate from the licensed building certifier stating that your fence is in accordance with pool safety laws prior to filling up the swimming pool or spa with greater than 300mm of water

• register your pool or spa.


Exactly how long does a certificate of compliance last?


A certificate of compliance to state that your pool has passed the pool safety inspection it is valid for 1 year for shared swimming pools and two years for non-shared swimming pools.


Elite Pool Inspections – An ideal firm for pool safety inspections Highworth


For us, our objective isn’t the legal paperwork, although we well know that is a very important aspect, but in giving you the complete peace of mind that your pool is safe. A swimming pool is one of the most liked places for the majority of families as it helps revitalize the body and mind and have fun in the sunshine, but at the same time, a pool area may pose hazard to your loved ones if there are any kind of safety issues like poor fencing.


We will check your swimming pool barrier, boundary fences & pool adjoining areas to ensure that none of these conflicts with Qld Pool Safety Guidelines.


We know all of the regulations, and we have years and years of experience, so we know exactly what we’re executing, you are in safe hands. We’re readily available with flexible timing in accordance with the customer’s requirements, therefore you can schedule your pool inspection after-hours and even on weekends for your comfort.


The highly trained inspection specialists at Elite Pool Inspections have got several years of experience in giving Highworth businesses & residences with in-depth and thorough pool safety inspections Highworth services. We provide you with an elaborate report along with a full solution to ensure that your swimming pool area is made safe for the loved ones have fun in. If you would like to organize a pool inspection with our helpful team of experts or have inquiries regarding your pool safety inspections Highworth procedure, please don’t wait to contact us.



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