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Elite Pool Inspections – We Solve The Safety Compliant Concerns For Your Pool Safety Inspections


At Elite Pool Inspections, we’ll provide you with peace of mind when you need it the most using our professional pool safety inspections Glenview that cover every aspect of the inspection process and local safety requirements to help make your pool fully safe for your loved ones.


Exactly what is a pool safety inspections Glenview Service?


In the year 2008, new pool safety guidelines were executed in Glenview with the objective of minimising swimming injuries & avoidable drowning mishaps, especially amongst young kids and vulnerable people. In accordance to the QLD home pool legislation changes in 2010, swimming pool owners are now required to construct and always maintain a compliant fencing around their swimming pool area. Another key point to remember here is that is irrespective of when the swimming pool was constructed.


Whether you’re worried about the structural elements of the pool or aren’t sure about what is needed at your property, Elite Pool Inspections can help you. We can ensure that your pool fencing complies with all of the pool safety laws, providing you with the Pool safety inspection certificate, so you have total peace of mind when it comes to the legal paperwork but most significantly the overall safety.


When pool safety inspections Glenview Service is required?


All of the in-ground pools, regardless of whether that is completely or partly in-ground, now must have fencing.


Based on water depth, swimming pool fencing may be necessary for above-ground pool installations.


Portable Pools and Spas All portable pools & spas must have a compliant pool safety barrier if it:


• can hold more than 300mm water

• carries a volume of greater than 2,000L

• features a filtering system.


When you have a swimming pool that meets any or all of the above criteria, you will need to:


• Install a swimming pool safety fencing that complies with pool safety regulations

• Obtain a pool safety certification from the licensed pool safety inspector or building certifier for fence compliance

• register your swimming pool with the QLD pool register.


So how long does a certificate of compliance last?


A certificate of compliance to state that your pool has passed the pool safety inspection it is valid for one year for shared swimming pools and two years for all the others.


Elite Pool Inspections – The right company for pool safety inspections Glenview


We all know that a beautiful-looking swimming pool does not necessarily mean all things are fine, this is exactly why we mainly focus on ensuring swimming pool safety and your peace of mind. Experiencing and enjoying the summer months with family, being outside in the sun, and hanging out in and around the swimming pool are one of the very best occasions, but we know that that can all change in seconds if your pool isn’t adequately fenced & safe.


We will inspect your swimming pool barrier, perimeter fencing and pool bordering areas to make sure that none of these conflicts with Qld Pool Safety Requirements.


With several years of experience & endless practical knowledge on every aspect of swimming pool safety regulations, we know what to watch out for to help make your pool certified. And we’re flexible on our timings but un-compromising in quality, and that means you can book a pool inspection time that’s comfortable for you for round the clock quality professional services.


The professionals at Elite Pool Inspections make pool safety inspections Glenview a simple process since we perform a thorough inspection & cover all of the aspects for getting instant certification. Contact us now for any information needed and we’ll get back to you with all the details you need regarding our top-class pool safety inspections Glenview process for your home or business.