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Elite Pool Inspections: The Top Pool Safety Inspections Elaman Creek Service


Making Pool Safety Our Top Priority – Elite Pool Inspections For The Pool Safety Inspections Elaman Creek Service


Safety all around swimming pool is the number one priority for Elite Pool Inspections, our in depth pool safety inspections Elaman Creek service is the very best in Elaman Creek that handle all of the elaborate legal paperwork included in the process to help you get your pool safe and also to meet Australian Guidelines.


Getting pool safety inspections in Elaman Creek area: What Must Be Done


In the year 2008, new pool safety guidelines were implemented in Elaman Creek with the aim of minimising swimming injury & avoidable drowning accidents, particularly amongst young children & vulnerable people. After the law passed on December 2010, swimming pool owners are now expected to not just build but also to have a restrictive fenced area surrounding their private pools. The fencing requirements are for all swimming pools, irrespective of when the pool was constructed.


If you’ve got any doubts regarding what is necessary for the safety of your pool, arranging our pool safety inspections service is the best thing you can do. Your loved ones’ safety is our key concern and we are focused on getting you certified the very first time. Just in case your swimming pool fencing is non-compliant, we will locate the exact issue and give you efficient solutions to accomplish compliance.


Types of household swimming pools that need Pool Safety Inspections


All pools that are in-ground, whether partially or completely, must be now surrounded by a fence.


Above the ground, pool installations may need fencing and generally, it depends on water depth (usually around 18- 24 inches).


Portable pools/spas Your portable pool or spa should conform to the Elaman Creek pool safety regulations when it:


• can hold water to a level greater than 300 mm (30 cm)

• could be filled up with a capacity more than 2,000L

• has a filtering system.


You have to do the following when your swimming pool meets the requirements listed above.


• Add swimming pool safety barriers to obtain building approval

• Get a certificate from a licensed pool safety certifier stating that your fence is in accordance with pool safety laws before filling the swimming pool or spa with more than 300mm of water

• register your pool with the QLD swimming pool register.


How long the Form 23 pool safety certificate is valid for a property or home?


A certificate of compliance to state that your swimming pool has passed the pool safety inspection it is valid for one year for shared pools and 2 years for non-shared swimming pools.


Why you need to choose Elite Pool Inspections for your pool safety inspections Elaman Creek services?


When you select Elite Pools Inspections to take care of your pool inspection, you can easily rely on us to catch any potential safety hazards and give professional industry help and advice to make sure your swimming pool meets the maximum safety standards. Experiencing and enjoying the summer months with close friends and family, being out in the sun, & passing time close to the swimming pool are one of the very best occasions, but we know that that could all change in seconds when your pool is not thoroughly fenced & protected.


Our pool examiner will verify that the conditions of the swimming pool and also the surrounding region, the fence around the pool, in addition to locks on all entry doors towards the swimming pool area are up to local rules and regulations.


Our competent pool inspectors have got several years of experience to provide you with an extensive & hassle free pool inspection process. With quick turnaround times & services available at your convenience schedules, you could book the pool inspection at your preferable date and time.


The professionals at Elite Pool Inspections help make pool safety inspections Elaman Creek a piece of cake as we conduct a complete inspection & cover all the aspects for receiving instant certification. Contact us now for any information needed and we’ll get back to you with all the details you need with regards to our top-class pool safety inspections Elaman Creek process for your business or property.



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