Our Priority Is Pool Fence Safety: Why Should You Use Elite Pool Inspections For Your Pool Safety Inspections Dicky Beach Services

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At Elite Pool Inspections, we’ll give you peace of mind when you need it the most using our professional pool safety inspections Dicky Beach which cover all aspects of the inspection process & local safety specifications to help make your pool fully safe for your family members.



Having a pool safety inspections Dicky Beach Service in Dicky Beach region: What Must Be Done


In 2008, new pool safety policies were implemented in Dicky Beach with the goal of lessening swimming injury and preventable drowning mishaps, particularly among young children and vulnerable individuals. According to Queensland’s latest pool safety standard that was announced in 2010, it’s now compulsory for swimming pool owners to ensure that their swimming pools are enclosed by a fence that acts as a child-resistant barrier. The fencing requirements are for all swimming pools, irrespective of when the swimming pool was installed.


Whether you are worried about the structural elements of the swimming pool or aren’t certain about what is needed for your property, Elite Pool Inspections can help you. We will ensure that your swimming pool fencing conforms with all of the pool safety legal guidelines, issuing you with a Pool safety certificate, so you have complete peace of mind with regards to the legal paperwork but most importantly the safety.


Exactly what swimming pools require pool safety inspections Dicky Beach?


All pools which are in-ground, whether partially or completely, has to be now enclosed by fences.


Over the ground, pool installations may need fencing and usually, it depends on water depth (typically around 18- 24 inches).


Portable private pools Your portable swimming pool or spa need to adhere to the Dicky Beach pool safety regulations if it:


• is capable of carrying more than 300 mm (30 cm) depth of water

• has a total capacity of more than 2,000 L

• includes a filtration system.


You need to do the following if your swimming pool fulfills any of the specifications mentioned above.


• Install a pool barrier that is in accordance with the requirements of the Swimming Pool Act

• obtain a certificate from a registered pool safety inspector declaring that your fence complies with appropriate pool safety laws

• register your pool or spa.


How long the Form 23 pool safety certificate is valid for a property?


By law, pool safety certifications are good for 1 year for shared pools whilst for non-shared swimming pools, the validity period extends to 2 years. The certificate will remain in force irrespective of how many times the property or home is re-sold over this period of time.


Why you need to select Elite Pool Inspections for your pool safety inspections Dicky Beach service?


For our firm, our top priority isn’t the paperwork, whilst we know that’s a vital aspect, but in giving you the complete peace of mind that your swimming pool is safe. The swimming pool area should not merely be a fun spot to spend time with best friends and family and enjoy the summer season by being on the water but also should be a risk-free area with appropriate fencing and latches so that no one mistakenly lands up in the pool.


Our pool inspector will check that the physical conditions of the pool and also the surrounding region, fences around the pool area, and also locks on all entry doors towards the pool area meet Dicky Beach code.


We well know all of the rules and regulations, and we have many years of experience, so we know exactly what we are doing, you enter safe hands. We are available with flexible timings in accordance with the customer’s requirements, so you could schedule services after-hours and even on weekends for your comfort.


The trained inspection experts at Elite Pool Inspections have many years of experience in providing Dicky Beach businesses and residences with all-inclusive & thorough pool safety inspections Dicky Beach services. We provide you with a detailed report and also a full solution to make sure that your swimming pool area is safe for the loved ones have fun with. If you would like to organize a pool inspection with our helpful team of professionals or have inquiries about our pool safety inspections Dicky Beach procedure, please get in contact with us.