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At Elite Pool Inspections, we will provide you with peace of mind when it’s needed the most with our skilled pool safety inspections Deception Bay that cover every aspect of the inspection process & local safety specifications to help make your pool entirely safe for family.


Getting a pool safety inspections Deception Bay Service in Deception Bay region: What It Takes


pool safety inspections Deception Bay are necessary by law in Deception Bay, in 2008 there had been a modification of the Pool safety inspection laws in Deception Bay that aimed at decreasing the number of preventable drownings particularly with young children and vulnerable individuals. Per Queensland’s latest pool safety standards which was announced in 2010, it is now compulsory for pool owners to ensure that their pools are enclosed by fencing that works as a child-resistant barrier. This applies to all pools no matter their age.


Whether you’re concerned about the structural aspects of the swimming pool or aren’t certain about what is required at your residence, Elite Pool Inspections can help. We will explain to you whether there are compliance issues with your pool area and guide you to obtain a pool safety inspection certificate, so you’ve peace of mind that comes with knowing your pool is safe.


Exactly what swimming pools require a pool safety inspections Deception Bay Service?


All in-ground swimming pools, no matter whether they are completely or even partly in-ground, must be completely enclosed by a fence.


Depending on water depth, swimming pool fencing may be required for above-ground swimming pool installations.


Portable private pools Pool fencing laws apply to pools, which include portable swimming pools and spas, when it


• is capable of holding greater than 300 mm (30 cm) level of water

• has a total capacity of more than 2,000 L

• contains a filter system.


You have to do the following when your pool fulfills any of the requirements listed above.


• Install a swimming pool safety barrier that complies with pool safety regulations

• get a certificate from a registered pool safety inspector stating that your fence complies with appropriate pool safety laws

• register your swimming pool with the Queensland pool register.


How frequently do you need to obtain a pool safety certification?


A certificate of compliance, which is provided for a swimming pool that has passed the inspection, is valid for one year from the date of issue for shared pools and 2 years for non-shared swimming pools.


Elite Pool Inspections – The best firm for pool safety inspections Deception Bay


We know that a good-looking swimming pool does not necessarily mean all things are okay, that’s why we largely concentrate on ensuring swimming pool safety plus your peace of mind. Experiencing and enjoying the summer season with loved ones, being out in the sun, and passing time in and around the swimming pool are one of the best occasions, but we know that that can all change in a few seconds if your pool isn’t properly fenced and secure.


That is why we’ve made it our life’s work to make certain that every single swimming pool we inspect meets the regulations required to keep you and your family safe.


Our swimming pool inspectors are well-informed on these local guidelines and pool safety regulations, therefore you are guaranteed that we know exactly what we are doing. Plus we are flexible, waiting to work together with you or your business to set up times that are suitable & convenient for you personally.


The professionals at Elite Pool Inspections help make pool safety inspections Deception Bay a piece of cake as we carry out a comprehensive inspection & cover all of the aspects for getting instant certification. Contact us today for any information needed and we will respond with all of the details you require regarding our high quality pool safety inspections Deception Bay process for your property or business.