Pool Safety Inspections – Exactly What Are Your Obligations In Queensland

Pool Safety Inspections Dakabin

Making Pool Safety Our Top Priority – Elite Pool Inspections For The Pool Safety Inspections Dakabin Service


Safety all around pool is the top priority for Elite Pool Inspections, our complete pool safety inspections Dakabin service is the best in Dakabin that handle all the complicated legal paperwork involved in the process to assist you get your pool safe and also to meet Australian Guidelines.


Having a pool safety inspections Dakabin Service in Dakabin area: What It Takes


Though lots of changes being applied over the years, the year 2008 saw a significant modification of pool safety inspection laws in Dakabin that aimed at minimising the total number of preventable drowning incidents among small children under the age of five. Following the law approved on the 1st December 2010, pool owners are currently expected to not only build but also to maintain a restricted fenced area surrounding their pools. Yet another main factor to remember here is that is irrespective of when the swimming pool was constructed.


You may have many doubts about the pool safety laws or precisely what it takes for your property. Whatever your questions or doubts could be, Elite Pool Inspections can help you. We will look into the compliance & safety of your swimming pool, identify the problem areas so you know exactly where to look for and offer ideas on how to fix it. In this manner, we can limit your liability and ensure you are not putting anybody at risk.


pool safety inspections Dakabin and Compliance


There should be a fence for all those pools that are in-ground, completely or partially.


Above the ground, pool installations may need fencing and usually, it depends on water depth (usually around 18- 24 inches).


Portable & indoor swimming pools and spas Your portable swimming pool should comply with pool safety guidelines if it:


• is capable of carrying more than 300 mm (30 cm) depth of water

• has a total capacity in excess of 2,000 L

• includes a filtration system.


You need to do the following when your pool fulfills the specifications mentioned above.


• Set up a pool barrier that complies with the requirements of the Swimming Pool Act

• Have your swimming pool fencing assessed and obtain a pool safety certificate from a licensed pool safety certifier

• register your swimming pool or spa.


How often do you need to have a pool safety inspection done?


The pool safety certificate is good for 2 years for non-shared swimming pools whilst for shared swimming pools the certificates are valid for a period of one year only.


Why pick us for the pool safety inspections Dakabin service?


We know that a good-looking pool doesn’t mean all things are fine, this is exactly why we predominantly focus on ensuring swimming pool safety plus your peace of mind. A swimming pool area is amongst the favourite places for the majority of families since it helps refresh the mind and have some fun under the sun, but at the same time, a swimming pool area can easily pose threat for your family members should there be any kind of issues of safety like inadequate fencing.


That is why we have made it our life’s work to ensure that each and every swimming pool we inspect satisfies the regulations necessary to keep you and your family safe.


With many years of experience & endless knowledge on every aspect of pool safety laws, we know what to watch out for to help make your pool certified. And we’re flexible, looking to work with you or your business enterprise to arrange times that are suitable and convenient for you personally.


The experienced inspection specialists at Elite Pool Inspections have got many years of experience in giving Queensland residences and businesses with all-inclusive and thorough pool safety inspections Dakabin service. We provide you with a comprehensive report and also a full solution to ensure your swimming pool area is safe for the family members to enjoy. If you would like to organize a pool inspection with our helpful team of specialists or have any queries about our pool safety inspections Dakabin procedure, please get in touch with us.