What You Have To Know About Pool Safety Inspections Conondale Service

Pool Safety Inspections Conondale Service - Your Safety Is Our Main Concern


Our Priority Is Pool Fence Safety: Why Should You Use Elite Pool Inspections For Your Pool Safety Inspections Conondale Services


Safety all around pool certainly is the number one priority for Elite Pool Inspections, our in-depth pool safety inspections Conondale services are the very best in Conondale that address all the complicated legal paperwork involved in the procedure to help you get your swimming pool safe and also to meet Australian Standards.


The requirements of Pool Safety Inspections Conondale


In 2008, new pool safety laws were executed in Conondale with the aim of minimising swimming personal injury & preventable drowning incidents, especially amongst young children and vulnerable people. In accordance with the new law, pools must be enclosed by a child-resistant fencing and it is the pool owner’s duty to ensure the fencing is constantly in good working condition. The key point is that this law holds true for all swimming pools regardless of when the pool was built.


Whether you are concerned about the structural elements of the pool or aren’t sure regarding what is needed for your residence, Elite Pool Inspections can certainly help. Your loved ones’ safety is our priority and we’re dedicated to getting you compliant the first time. In the event that your pool barrier is non-compliant, we will find out the exact issue and provide effective solutions to attain compliance.


Types of household pools that require Pool Safety Inspections


All of the in-ground swimming pools, no matter whether they are completely or partially in-ground, must be completely circled by a fence.


Over the ground, pool installations may require fencing and usually, it all depends on water depth (typically around 18- 24 inches).


Portable swimming pool safety All portable pools & spas should have a compliant safety barrier if it:


• is capable of holding more than 300 mm (30 cm) level of water

• carries a capacity of more than 2,000L

• features a filtering system.


If your pool meets the requirements mentioned above, you have to:


• Install pool safety barriers to obtain building approval

• obtain a certificate from a licensed pool safety certifier stating that your fencing complies with relevant pool safety regulations

• register your pool or spa.


Exactly how long does a certificate of compliance last?


Legally, pool safety certifications are good for 1 year for shared pools whilst for non-shared pools, the validity extends to 2 years. The certificate will remain in force irrespective of how many times the property is re-sold over this period.


Why select us for your pool safety inspections Conondale service?


When you choose Elite Pools Inspections to take care of your swimming pool inspection, you can easily count on us to catch any potential safety issues and give expert industry advice to make sure that your pool meets the maximum safety standards. The pool region should not just be an entertaining spot to spend some time with loved ones and relish the summer by being on the water but also should be a risk-free area with proper fence and latches so that nobody unintentionally lands up in the pool.


That is why we present you with a very clear picture of the existing condition of your pool and clarify precisely what you must do to become certified with local rules & laws.


Our swimming pool inspectors are well-educated on these local guidelines and pool safety legal requirements, so you are assured that we know what we are performing. And we are flexible in our timings but uncompromising in quality of work, therefore you could book a pool inspection time that’s convenient for you for round the clock quality expert services.


Our pool safety inspections Conondale are performed to the highest standards and we will take the stress out from obtaining a compliance certificate for your property or home. So please do not hesitate to contact us for additional details on how we can commence your pool safety inspections Conondale process.