Making Pool Safety A Priority – Elite Pool Inspections For The Pool Safety Inspections Closeburn Service


Making Pool Safety A Priority - Elite Pool Inspections For The Pool Safety Inspections Closeburn Service


Exactly What You Don’t Know Regarding Pool Safety Inspections Closeburn


Elite Pool Inspections take your well-being and safety seriously, this is exactly why our pool safety inspections Closeburn are carried out to the highest standard & give you immediate certification. We help make your pool safe and certified with the latest pool safety guidelines, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your swimming pool area is completely safe for your children.


Getting pool safety inspections in Closeburn area: What It Needs


The pool safety regulations in Closeburn are actually in place since the early ’90s, however the year 2008 witnessed a major change in pool safety laws in Closeburn that aimed at reducing the number of preventable drownings, particularly among children. In accordance with the latest law, pools should be enclosed by a child-resistant barrier and it’s the pool owner’s responsibility to ensure the fencing is constantly in excellent condition. This is applicable to all pools no matter their age.


Our recommendation is that if you possess any doubts regarding what is necessary for your residence then to contact us. We will explain to you whether there are compliance problems with your pool and assist you to receive a pool safety inspection certificate, so you’ve complete peace of mind that comes with realizing your pool is safe.


Exactly what pools need a pool safety inspections Closeburn Service?


All in-ground pools, whether they are completely or partly in-ground, should be entirely enclosed by a fence.


Above the ground, pool installations may require fencing and generally, it all depends on water depth (usually around 18- 24 inches).


Portable Pools & Spas All portable pools & spas should have a compliant safety fencing when it:


• is capable of holding greater than 300 mm (30 cm) level of water

• has a total volume of more than 2,000 L

• includes a filtering system.


If your swimming pool satisfies the requirements listed above, you have to:


• Set up a pool barrier that complies with the standards of the Swimming Pool Act

• Receive a pool safety certificate from the licensed pool safety inspector or building certifier for fence compliance

• register your swimming pool with the Queensland swimming pool register.


How frequently do you have to get a pool safety certificate?


A certificate of compliance to state that your swimming pool has passed the pool safety inspection is valid for 1 year for shared pools and 2 years for all the others.


Advantages of Hiring a Elite Pool Inspections for Pool Safety Inspections


When you choose Elite Pools Inspections to handle your pool inspection, you can count on us to catch any possible safety risks and offer expert industry help and advice to make sure your pool fulfills the highest safety standard. Experiencing and enjoying the summer months with family, being outside in the sun, and chilling close by the swimming pool are one of the best occasions, but we well know that that could all change in just a few seconds if your swimming pool is not completely fenced and risk-free.


We will examine your pool barrier, perimeter fencing and swimming pool surrounding regions to ensure that none of these clashes with Queensland Pool Safety Guidelines.


With many years of experience & limitless knowledge on every aspect of pool safety regulations, we know exactly what to watch out for to help make your swimming pool certified. And we are flexible, looking to work with you or perhaps your business to set up times which are suitable and convenient for you.


Our pool safety inspections Closeburn are performed to the highest standard and we take the stress out of obtaining a compliance certificate for your property. Contact us for further information and we’ll gladly answer any inquiries you’ve got regarding our pool safety inspections Closeburn service or to book an inspection at a time that best suits you.



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