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Making Pool Safety A Priority – Elite Pool Inspections For The Pool Safety Inspections Chevallum Service

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Pool Safety Inspections – What Are Your Obligations In Qld

Safety is invariably our most important priority at Elite Pool Inspections, our pool safety inspections Chevallum are the very best in town delivering you with not only the required official paperwork but also providing you and your family total peace of mind.

Getting a pool safety inspections Chevallum Service in Chevallum area: What Must Be Done

The pool safety laws in Chevallum are in place since early 1990’s, however the year 2008 witnessed a substantial change in pool safety laws in Chevallum that centered on decreasing the number of preventable drownings, particularly amongst kids. As part of the Queensland pool legislation changes in 2010, pool owners are now required to build and always maintain a compliant fence around their swimming pool. The fence requirements are applicable for all swimming pools, irrespective of when the pool was constructed.

You may have many doubts about the swimming pool safety laws or what is necessary for your home. Whatever your questions or doubts could be, Elite Pool Inspections can help you. We will let you know whether there are compliance problems with your pool and guide you to obtain a pool safety inspection certificate, so you’ve complete peace of mind that comes with knowing your pool is safe.

Types of residential pools that need Pool Safety Inspections Service

There should be fencing for all swimming pools that are in-ground, completely or partially.

Above the ground, pool installations might need pool fencing, however, this depends on various factors, one is water depth.

Portable swimming pool safety Your portable pool or spa should conform to the Chevallum pool safety guidelines when it:

• is capable of holding greater than 300 mm (30 cm) depth of water

• could be filled with a capacity greater than 2,000L

• has a filtering system.

When your pool satisfies the requirements as listed above, you will need to:

• Install a fence/barrier that complies with the specifications of the Swimming Pool Act

• Obtain a certificate from the licensed pool safety certifier declaring that your fencing is in accordance with pool safety laws prior to filling the swimming pool with more than 300mm of water

• register your swimming pool or spa.

How many times do you need to have a pool safety inspection done?

A certificate of compliance, which is granted for a pool that has passed the inspection, is valid for one year from the date of issue for shared pools and two years for non-shared swimming pools.

Why you need to choose Elite Pool Inspections for your pool safety inspections Chevallum services?

For us, our priority isn’t the legal paperwork, while we well know that’s a very important aspect, but in providing you the complete peace of mind that your pool is safe. A swimming pool area is amongst the most popular places for many families as it helps renew the mind and have a great time under the sun, but simultaneously, a pool area might pose hazard for your children if there are any issues of safety like poor fencing.

We will check your swimming pool barrier, boundary fencing and pool bordering areas to ensure that none of these clashes with Queensland Pool Safety Requirements.

With years of experience and endless knowledge on every aspect of pool safety codes, we well know what to look for to help make your swimming pool certified. We’re available with flexible timings in accordance with the client’s requirements, therefore you could schedule your pool inspection after hours and also on weekend time for your comfort.

The highly-trained pool inspection specialists at Elite Pool Inspections have many years of experience in giving Chevallum homes and companies with complete and thorough pool safety inspections Chevallum services. We provide you with a complete report and a full solution to ensure that your pool area is made safe for your family to enjoy. If you would like to arrange a pool inspection with our friendly team of experts or have any queries about your pool safety inspections Chevallum procedure, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.