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Pool Safety Inspections Cedar Creek – Why You Should Get One In Cedar Creek


Safety around the pool certainly is the top priority for Elite Pool Inspections, our in-depth pool safety inspections Cedar Creek service is the very best in Cedar Creek that manage all of the complex legal paperwork included in the procedure to help you get your swimming pool safe and also to satisfy Australian Guidelines.


Getting pool safety inspections in Cedar Creek region: What It Needs


In the year 2008, new pool safety guidelines were implemented in Cedar Creek with the goal of lowering swimming injury & preventable drowning incidents, particularly among little children & vulnerable individuals. After the law approved on December 2010, swimming pool owners are now expected to not only build but also to have a restricted fenced area around their private pools. Yet another key point to note here is that is irrespective of when the swimming pool was constructed.


If you have any doubts regarding what is needed for the essential safety of your pool, arranging our pool safety inspections service is the smartest thing you can do. We will make certain that your pool fencing complies with all of the pool safety guidelines, providing you with a pool safety certificate, so you have total peace of mind with regards to the legal paperwork but most significantly the safety.


pool safety inspections Cedar Creek & Compliance


All swimming pools that are in-ground, whether completely or partially, should be now enclosed by a fence.


Based on water depth, pool fencing may be necessary for above-ground swimming pool installations.


Portable pools Your portable pool or spa must comply with pool safety guidelines if it:


• can contain more than 300mm of water

• carries a capacity of greater than 2,000L

• has got a filtering system.


You need to do the following if your pool meets any of the requirements mentioned above.


• Set up a pool barrier that complies with the specifications of the Swimming Pool Act

• Get a certification from the licensed building certifier stating that your fence complies with relevant pool safety regulations before filling the pool or spa with greater than 300mm of water

• register your swimming pool with the QLD pool register.


How frequently do you have to obtain a pool safety certificate?


Legally, pool safety certificates are good for one year for shared pools while for non-shared swimming pools, the validity extends to two years. The certificate will continue to be in force irrespective of how often the property or home is re-sold within this period of time.


Advantages of Employing a Elite Pool Inspections for Pool Safety Inspections


We know that a beautiful-looking pool does not always mean all things are fine, that’s why we primarily focus on ensuring swimming pool safety as well as your peace of mind. A swimming pool is amongst the most liked places for the majority of families because it helps recharge the mind and have a great time under the sun, but simultaneously, a pool area may pose threat to your loved ones if there are any issues of safety like insufficient fencing.


We will examine your swimming pool barrier, boundary fences and swimming pool adjoining areas to ensure that none of these clashes with Qld Pool Safety Criteria.


We know all the regulations, and we have got many years of experience, therefore we know exactly what we’re executing, you enter safe hands. We’re readily available with flexible timings according to the client’s needs, so you can schedule your inspection after-hours and even on weekend time for your comfort.


Our pool safety inspections Cedar Creek are executed to the highest standards and we will take the stress out of getting a Compliance Certificate for your residence. Call us now for any information required and we’ll reply with all the details you’re looking for with regards to our top-class pool safety inspections Cedar Creek procedure for your business or residence.



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