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Our Top priority Is Pool Fence Safety: Why Use Elite Pool Inspections For Your Pool Safety Inspections Campbells Pocket Service


At Elite Pool Inspections, pool safety is constantly our top priority and our pool safety inspections Campbells Pocket are carried out to the optimum standard and take care of all aspects of what is needed to help make your swimming pool fully safe for you and all your family members.


The requirements of Pool Safety Inspections


Though numerous changes being implemented through the years, the year 2008 saw a major modification of pool safety laws in Campbells Pocket that focused on minimising the total number of preventable drowning incidents among kids below the age of five. As part of the QLD home pool legislation changes in 2010, pool owners are now expected to have a fencing around their swimming pool area that is in accordance with the pool fencing standards. The main factor is that this law is applicable to all pools regardless of when the swimming pool had been built.


Our recommendation is that if you have got any kind of questions regarding what is necessary at your property then give us a call. Your family safety is our main concern and we’re dedicated to getting you compliant the first time. Just in case your swimming pool barrier is non-compliant, we locate the precise problem and give you practical remedies to achieve compliance.


pool safety inspections Campbells Pocket & Compliance


There should be fencing for all those pools which are in-ground, completely or partially.


Over the ground, swimming pool installations might need pool fencing, but this depends upon several factors, one is water depth.


Portable Pools and Spas All portable pools & spas must have a compliant safety fencing if it:


• is capable of containing greater than 300 mm (30 cm) level of water

• has got a total capacity in excess of 2,000 L

• features a filtering system.


If the pool meets one of the previously mentioned requirements, then you will need to:


• Install a pool safety fencing that complies with pool safety guidelines

• obtain a certificate from a registered pool safety inspector declaring that your fence complies with appropriate pool safety laws

• Register your pool on the Pool Safety Register.


Exactly how long does the pool safety certificate last?


By law, pool safety certificates are good for 1 year for shared pools whilst for non-shared pools, the validity stretches to two years. The certificate will continue to be in force irrespective of how often the property or home is re-sold over this period.


Elite Pool Inspections – The ideal firm for pool safety inspections Campbells Pocket


For us, our objective isn’t the legal paperwork, while we well know that is a very important aspect, but in providing you the peace of mind that your swimming pool is safe to use. A swimming pool is one of the favourite places for the majority of families because it helps revitalize the body and mind and have a great time under the sun, but simultaneously, a swimming pool area can pose hazard for your spouse and children if there are any issues of safety like inadequate fencing.


That’s the reason why we provide you with a precise picture of the current condition of your swimming pool & clarify exactly what you need to do to become compliant with local rules and laws.


Our pool inspectors are well-educated on these local laws & pool safety regulations, which means you are guaranteed that we know what we are performing. With fast turnaround times and services available at your suitable schedules, you could book your inspection at your preferred time and date.


Our pool safety inspections Campbells Pocket are carried out to the highest standards and our team take the stress out from obtaining a compliance certificate for your property or home. Call us today for additional information and we’ll love to respond to any queries you have regarding our pool safety inspections Campbells Pocket services or to book a pool inspection at a time that best suits you.