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Pool Safety Inspections Bald Knob

Are You Looking For Pool Safety Inspections In Bald Knob Qld? Look No Further Than Elite Pool Inspections


Elite Pool Inspections take your safety and well-being very seriously, which is why our pool safety inspections Bald Knob are executed to the greatest standard and lead to instant certification. We help make your swimming pool safe and certified with the latest pool safety regulations, providing you with the peace of mind realizing that your pool area is completely safe for your family members.



Bald Knob pool safety inspections Services


Though many changes being applied over the years, the year 2008 saw a major modification of pool safety laws in Bald Knob that focused on decreasing the total number of preventable drowning incidents amongst small children under the age of five. In accordance with Queensland’s latest pool safety standard that was announced in the year 2010, it is now compulsory for pool owners to make sure that their pools are surrounded by a fence that acts as a child-resistant barrier. The fencing requirements are applicable for all swimming pools, regardless of when the pool was installed.


Whether you are concerned about the structural elements of the pool or aren’t certain about what is necessary for your residence, Elite Pool Inspections can certainly help. We will let you know whether there are compliance problems with your pool and help you to obtain a pool safety certificate, so you’ve complete peace of mind that comes with knowing your pool is safe.


Types of household swimming pools that need Pool Safety Inspections


There should be a fence for all those swimming pools that are in-ground, partially or completely.


Based on water depth, swimming pool fencing may be needed for above ground pool installations.


Portable Pools and Spas Your portable pool or spa must conform to the Bald Knob pool safety regulations when it:


• can hold more than 300mm of water

• could be filled with a volume more than 2,000L

• contains a filtration system.


You have to do the following when your swimming pool meets any of the requirements mentioned above.


• Install a pool safety barrier that conforms with pool safety laws

• Receive a pool safety certificate from the licensed pool safety inspector or building certifier for fence compliance

• Register your swimming pool on the Pool Safety Register.


How frequently do you really need to have a pool safety inspection done?


A certificate of compliance to say that your swimming pool has passed the pool safety inspection is valid for 1 year for shared swimming pools and 2 years for all the others.


Elite Pool Inspections – Why should you choose us for your pool safety inspections Bald Knob service?


When you choose Elite Pools Inspections to take care of your swimming pool inspection, you can easily count on us to catch any potential safety risks and give professional industry assistance to make sure your pool meets the highest safety standard. A swimming pool area is one of the much-loved places for the majority of families because it helps recharge the body and mind and have some fun in the sunshine, but simultaneously, a pool area can pose hazard to your family members in case there are any safety issues like insufficient fencing.


That is why we present you with a very clear picture of the present condition of your pool & clarify precisely what you need to do to be certified with local rules & regulations.


Our licensed pool inspectors have several years of experience to give you an in depth and hassle free pool assessment process. With quick turn-around times and services available at your suitable schedules, you can book your inspection at your preferred time and date.


Our pool safety inspections Bald Knob are performed to the highest standard and we will take the stress out of getting a compliance certificate for your residence. So please do not hesitate to call us for more information on how we can commence your pool safety inspections Bald Knob process.