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Safety is invariably our most important priority at Elite Pool Inspections, our pool safety inspections Aroona are the best in the city presenting you with not only the essential official paperwork but also giving you and your family members total peace of mind.


The necessities of Pool Safety Inspections


pool safety inspections Aroona are required legally in Aroona, in 2008 there had been a change in the Pool safety inspection laws in Aroona that centered on lowering the number of preventable drownings especially with young children and vulnerable individuals. Following the law passed on December 2010, pool owners are currently required to not just build but also to have a restricted fenced area surrounding their swimming pools. Another key factor to note here is that is regardless of when the pool was constructed.


If you’ve any doubts about what is necessary for the safety of your pool area, arranging our pool safety inspections service is the smartest thing you can do. Your family safety is our priority and we are committed to getting you certified the very first time. Just in case your pool fencing is non-compliant, we find out the precise problem and provide you with practical remedies to obtain compliance.


Types of residential pools that require Pool Safety Inspections Service


All swimming pools which are in-ground, whether completely or partially, must be now enclosed by a fence.


Based on water depth (generally a minimum of 18-24 inches), above-ground swimming pool installations may need pool fencing.


Portable swimming pool safety All portable swimming pools & spas must have a compliant safety barrier when it:


• is capable of containing water to a depth greater than 300 mm (30 cm)

• could be filled with a volume greater than 2,000L

• includes a filtration system.


If your swimming pool meets one of the previously mentioned criteria, then you need to:


• Install swimming pool safety fencing to get building approval

• Have your swimming pool fencing assessed and get a pool safety certificate from the licensed pool safety certifier

• register your swimming pool with the QLD pool register.


How long does the pool safety certification last?


By law, pool safety certifications are valid for one year for shared pools whilst for non-shared pools, the validity extends to two years. The certificate will remain in force regardless how often the property or home is resold over this period of time.


So why choose us for your pool safety inspections Aroona services?


For us, our priority is to give a risk-free pool environment for your loved ones along with handling all the mandatory legal paperwork. The pool location needs to be a fun place to appreciate summer with friends in the sunshine and never unpleasant; the pool and the adjacent places shouldn’t pose a hazard for submersion and accidental drownings, slips & trips, and fall injuries.


That’s the reason why we have made it our life’s work to ensure that each and every pool we examine meets the laws required to keep you and your family safe.


Our skilled inspectors have got many years of experience to provide an in-depth and hassle free swimming pool inspection procedure. And we’re flexible, wanting to work together with you or your company to set up times that are ideal and convenient for you personally.


The trained inspection experts at Elite Pool Inspections have got many years of experience in giving Queensland businesses and homes with complete & thorough pool safety inspections Aroona services. We offer you with an elaborate report along with a full solution to ensure that your swimming pool area is made safe for your family members to enjoy. If you’d like to organize a pool inspection with our polite team of experts or have any queries regarding your pool safety inspections Aroona process, please get in touch with us.