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Pool inspections at the Gold Coast Pool safety inspections Gold Coast and pool safety certificate Gold Coast services are an absolute must among pool owners including body corporates and property agents because such inspections can save thousands of lives. As a matter of fact, the increase in preventable incidences involving children particularly those under the age of 5 drowning and suffering immersion injuries is what moved the Queensland government to institute pool safety measures in a bid to tame this rising spiral. Organising for our Pool safety inspections Gold Coast service to issue a pool safety certificate at the Gold Coast is an important step in keeping your family safe.

Why Our Pool Safety Inspections Gold Coast Services

Pools are facilities for families and friends to relax and have fun in. As such, pool owners have a responsibility to ensure these facilities are safe enough to access and swim in. The question property owners and agents in Gold Coast must ask themselves is whether their pools meet the safety standards or not. Pool safety inspections Gold Coast services are a legal requirement and should be carried out and a safety certificate issued before any rent, lease, or property sale arrangement is entered into. 


The Pool Safety Inspection Process

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission is the governing body under which pool safety inspections Gold Coast services are carried out. The exercise is done by pool safety inspectors who are duly licensed by the Commission to carry out inspections and assessments to determine the state of compliance of the particular pool. 

If the pool is found to be compliant with every aspect of the standard, the pool inspection professionals will issue a pool safety certificate to the owner of the property under whose management the pool is. In the event of non-conformity meaning a number of pool structures are inconsistent with the pool safety requirements, a non-conformity notice is given to the owner and he has three months to rectify and recall the inspector for a re-inspection. 


Areas Focused on During a Pool Safety Inspections Gold Coast Service

For your pool to be certified as compliant, there are certain areas the gold coast inspectors look at as mandated by the law. The following are the main areas of concern.

Gates and latches – Gates leading to the pool area must self-close as well as self-latch. The gate latch releases according to the pool inspections Gold Coast regulations must be positioned 1500 mm above the ground on the minimum. 

Fencing – The pool fence should satisfy the minimum height of 1200 mm as measured from the ground. Also, the bottom of the pool barrier to the ground level must not exceed 100 mm. any vertical members including rods, palings, and wires must have a distance between them that does not exceed 100 mm. 

Non-climbable zone – Drawing from the pool safety laws introduced in 1991, pool safety inspections at the Gold Coast also look at the existence of a non-climbable zone around the pool barrier. This should measure at least 900 mm all-round the barrier. The main purpose of the non-climbable zone is to ensure children do not climb the barrier or use other objects near the barrier to climb and access the pool area. 

Child-resistant doors – These self-closing and self-latching doors are not allowed as barriers preventing direct access to the pool area from the inside of the house. This is because they pose a risk to children according to a research done by the Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit. 

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation signs – These signs which must have clear statements indicating what should be done in cases of emergency, must be displayed near the swimming pool and in a conspicuous position. The material the signs are made of should be durable as well as weatherproof.



Engaging Pool Safety Inspectors 


compliant pool fence 300X280

In as much as they are licensed by the government, pool safety inspectors do not represent the government and as such their dealings are independent and you must negotiate with them accordingly. To confirm their ability to conduct credible pool inspections at the Gold Coast, you should ask for their license or verify their details on the pool safety register. 

Not every pool safety inspector is authorized to carry out minor repairs following a pool safety inspections Gold Coast service. In order to find out whether the inspector you are about to engage is fully mandated, you can check at the back of their license. If they are permitted to do minor repairs, the license will be blank. In order to position your property for a prospective sale, rent, or lease and to be always on the right side of the law, it is important to contact a pool safety inspections Gold Coast professional for advice.



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