Pool Certification Explained, Your Pool Safety is Our Priority

Pool Certification Explained


pool certificationYou should be aware that pool certification is not only a requirement of safety for you and your family, but it is also a matter of law when to comes to the swimming pool safety laws of Queensland. Fortunately for you and your family, we offer a swimming pool safety inspection for gates, fences, and other barriers to ensure that you are compliant with the laws. We service a wide area and have the most professional and dedicated team of any company around, our pool certification is the best way to obtain the necessary paperwork you need by law to not only avoid on the spot inspections and fines, but it’s also the best way to get the peace of mind you want for keeping your family and guests at your home as safe as possible.


What is Pool Certification?

A pool certification is what you receive once you have had the area around your swimming pool inspected by a certified and qualified company. We are such company, and we are fully licensed to carry out safety inspections at people’s home, this also includes shared houses, or if the service is needed by a real estate agent or landlord.


Since 2010, the swimming pool safety laws in Queensland were changed to be more strict than ever, with the goal being to drastically reduce the number of drownings, particularly of people who are young or vulnerable. The changes may have seemed too high maintenance for some, but the new laws have worked exceptionally well, with a noticeable decrease in accidental pool drownings over the last ten years. If you are in any doubt whatsoever that the law changed without your full understanding, or you think there may be an issue with the safety barriers at your home then you should get in touch with us so we can arrange for your inspection.


How Frequently Should I Get a Pool Certification?

The pool certification you receive after an inspection will be valid for two years. This drops down to one year if the pool is a shared pool such as in an apartment complex. The fact that they are only valid for a maximum of two years highlights the serious nature of this situation, and why you should always know where your certificate is not to let it expire. Again, if you are subject to an inspection by the local government and you don’t have the pool certification that you need, you could be fined up to twenty thousand dollars – putting people’s safety at risk and risking such as large fine is undoubtedly not worth trying to save a few dollars by not booking a pool safety inspection.


What Type of Swimming Pools Need a Pool Certification?

  • In-ground swimming pools
  • Swimming pools that are above ground
  • Portable pools that can hold more than 300mm of water
  • Swimming pools with a volume of more than 2000L capacity
  • Any swimming pool with a filtration system
  • Swimming pools that are indoors


Why Trust Us with Your Pool Certification?

  • Our years of experience and highly qualified team means that you never have to worry about our knowledge of the regulations or the quality of our work. The advice we offer will be the most accurate, and if you receive your pool certification from us, you know it is the legal
  • We are flexible and will fit your schedule, we understand that life is hectic, but we have plenty of time slots to accommodate to your needs
  • We have competitive prices. We are sure that you won’t find the same standard of work for such a low price anywhere in the area


Please don’t forget that our company does not repair or maintain any part of your swimming pool if something is broken you will need to arrange to have that fixed by the relevant company. Instead, we do pool safety inspections. We check the barriers such as gates and fences around your pool to ensure they are compliant with the law. Get in touch with us today, and speak to one of our friendly team if you need your pool barriers checked for compliance, or your pool certification renewed.