Checklist For Pool Safety

This inspection checklist should only be used as a guide, this is only a sample of common faults and in no way replaces a profe​ssional pool inspector. Pool owners shou​ld consider getting a professional pool ​inspector to assess their pool’s compliance.


Opens outwards away from the pool

Gate latches from any position

Stays latched when pulled

Latch a minimum of 1500mm above finished ground level or shielded

Gap between the gate and fence less than 10mm if latch is shielded

Bottom of gate is less than 100mm above ground level

Gate is at least 1200mm high

Hinges exceeding 10mm in diameter and less than 900mm apart have non-climbable cap fitted

There are no items to prop the gate open




Fence is at least 1200mm high

Bottom of fence is less than 100mm above the finished ground level

Garden beds do not impinge into the non-climbable zone

Gaps in vertical bars are less than 100mm

Horizontal members more than 900mm apart; or Gap between palings less than 10mm and horizontal members on the inside of the fence

Screws, nails and fixings secure

1800mm high or Non-Climbable Zone is on the outside of the fence

At least 900mm between horizontal members

All fence panels are in place




Fences less than 1800mm high-arc of 900mm clear from the top of the fence

1200mm in the bottom quadrant–(rising ground, retaining walls)

Protrusions and indentations less than 10mm

No climbable trees lower than 900mm and no overhanging climbable objects within the upper quadrant SEE FIGURE 9 below

No pot plants, retraining walls etc within the non-climbable zone SEE FIGURE 4 below

No plastic or light weight furniture outside the pool area

No furniture inside the area within 300mm clear area




Squeeze test– using your non-dominant hand and squeezing the vertical bars of the fence and gate you cannot create a gap of more than 100mm between the bars

Push over test– pushing on the fence does not cause it to fall over or permanently deform

Rust, timber rot, lose or missing fixings




Do not open more than 100mm or have security barriers fitted




No doors which give access from a building to the pool area

There is a compliant fence between all buildings and the pool




300mm x 300mm minimum size

Durable and weather proof

Visible from within the whole pool area

Mentions 2 breaths / 30 compressions

DRABCD / not check for pulse

Mentions dial 000, call an ambulance


For a printable version of our  inspection checklist downloadable