7 Swimming Pool Safety Tips – Everything You Need To Know

swimming pool safetySwimming pool safety is essential since it ensures you and your family can cool off and splash around the backyard without risking your life or the life of your loved one. If you do not have the proper precautionary measure in place, swimming in the backyard can quickly become dangerous.

Though owning a swimming pool is a luxury, it comes with the responsibility of making sure all those who come near your home are safe. The best way of doing this is by adhering to swimming pool safety laws.


Pool Safety Saves Lives

You need to keep up with the swimming pool safety. Failing to adhere exposes you and your family to potential danger, which can be life-threatening. Keeping up with swimming pool safety measures helps prevent drowning. It only takes about 20-60 seconds when one drowns before they are fully submerged underwater.

Poor swimming pool safety could also lead to other injuries like sliding on a slippery floor, leading to severe injuries. If you fail to keep up with the pool safety laws, you might end up getting penalties. The state has set swimming pool safety laws to ensure that those using the pool are safe. If you do not follow the regulations, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law.


7 Swimming Pool Safety Compliance Tips

  1. The pool safety standards require you to set barriers using the right height and strength. Use this checklist to ensure that your pool meets the required standards. Though the swimming pool safety protocol depends on the region, here are some basics you need to know.
  2. One of the vital pointers you have to note regarding swimming pool safety compliance is the fence. The minimum required height from the permanent, stable surface to the top of the barrier should be 1.2m. The maximum allowable height from the ground to the bottom of the fence is 100mm.
  3. Another critical point to note when dealing with the swimming pool safety fences is that there cannot be a gap of less than 900mm between horizontal rails outside. The space located in the vertical rail gaps should not exceed 100mm. According to the swimming pool safety guide, you ought to make sure that there are no climbable objects near the barrier.
  4. When dealing with swimming pool safety, you also need to consider the gate. When getting a swimming pool gate, it should open outwards away from the swimming pool and be self-closing and self-latching. The positioning of the latch is essential. It needs to be 1.5m high from the finished ground level and at least 1.4m above the highest lower horizontal member.
  5. You might find it challenging to adhere to the swimming pool safety measures when placing the latch. If you cannot be placed on the required height, you should have it on the pool’s side. If so, one will be needed to reach over the gate to open it.
  6. Keep up with the swimming pool safety by ensuring that no doors and windows can directly access the pool. If there is a window that opens to the pool area, it should not open more than 100mm or should have a security screen fitted.
  7. Keeping up with the swimming pool safety is paramount if you want to make sure that your lives and those who pass by the pool are safe. The demands might seem like a lot, but the purpose of having the swimming pool safety procedures is to ensure that you do not have to deal with unwanted accidents.


Swimming Pool Safety Standards

If you plan to buy a house with a pool, you need to ensure that the swimming pool safety meets the required standards. Though you might have a checklist, the best way of making sure that your home adheres to the swimming pool safety is by hiring an Elite Pool Inspection service. We will make sure that the pool in the house you are thinking of buying has met the required regulations.

The swimming pool safety regulations can differ from one state to another, and if that is the case, make sure that the pool has met the required standards before investing in the house. The swimming pool safety experts will take the time to inspect all the information up-to-date. Since we have been doing this for a long time, we will know what to check at the Elite Pool Inspection service. Besides, our swimming pool safety inspector will have the right tool needed to handle the project. If so, you can be sure you will get the best outcome.


Swimming Pool Safety Inspection

You do not have to be buying a house for you to hire an inspector. As long as you have a pool in your home, it is paramount for you to keep up with the regular inspection. Most people assume that they can manage to keep up with the required swimming pool safety protocol without hiring an expert, but that can be challenging. Inspecting the pool to ensure that it adheres to the swimming pool safety measures can be time-consuming. If you do not have the right tools, it might not yield the desired outcome. On the other hand, the swimming pool safety inspector knows the measure to put in place and check. If so, they will be done with the project within a short time.


Swimming Pool Safety QBCC Registration

Swimming Pool Safety TipsIn case you are planning on selling your house in the future, you need to ensure the pool is registered. The swimming pool safety expert has the authority to access and enter data into the QBCC pool register. Therefore, when you hire a licensed inspector, they will make sure that your pool is registered and the information is available for those who might need it. Failing to have a registered pool might seem like you are not compliant, leading to the buyer being disinterested. However, with proper records of our swimming pool safety, you can be sure it will positively impact the selling price.

Most people dismiss swimming pool safety inspectors claiming that hiring these experts is an added expense. They fail to understand that a qualified swimming pool safety inspector from Elite Pool Inspection service is bound to save you a lot of money. They will inform you when there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Thus, you can fix it before the situation gets worse.


Protect Your Family Today

You can avoid any complications of owning a pool; by hiring a swimming pool safety expert. These experts will have the right tools and skills to inspect the pool and update you on any issues you need to address. Thus, it would be best to get in touch with a reliable company like Elite pool inspections service to ensure that you have complied with the swimming pool safety regulations.


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